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Surgery and Pleasing God Through Hoping In Him

After having two failed back surgeries, I will be having surgery on Friday to have a lumbar pain pump installed to deliver a small amount of medication directly to the ‘intrathecal space’ in the low back, which is just inside the epidural space, like where pregnant women get injected to numb (supposedly? I don’t know) the pain of childbirth. Think of it as the spinal canal. I had a successful test run of this with the pump outside my body and the tube (called a catheter–a word which men shutter when they hear it–especially those of us who have actually had one put in, and taken out of that place!). This helped the pain all the way down to my feet, although I still had what I call ‘sitting pain’ or pelvic floor pain, which is a different issue.


I don’t mind surgery much, but it’s the recovery and my body getting used to various changes in medications, adjustments with the pump and other things associated with my other conditions. It’s not like they just put it in and I feel great and live happily ever after. So that’s my concern and what I’m anxious about. The time after my last surgery was terrible, although that was a double fusion–a much bigger deal than this.

Spiritually, God has been emphasizing Scripture where he is pleased with us when we fear, hope and trust him.

Psalm 147:11
The LORD is pleased with those who fear him,
with those who wait with hope for his mercy.

Lamentations 3:25
The LORD is good to those who wait for him,
to anyone who seeks help from him.

I want to please my Father in this way. Not for merit, but because it’s what he wants, deserves, and is for our good. Maybe if you haven’t thought about these things, this post could give you something to think and pray about. It has brought about a change in me and I’m less nervous than I was 2-4 weeks ago. We’ll see how I feel the day before.

If you would like to pray for me, please pray that along with things going well, like no complications, especially infection, but more importantly that I would continue to focus on what God has been showing me and to be looking up (Col 3:1-3) whatever happens. If the recovery and transition are difficult, that I would receive grace and take refuge in God. Also for perseverance knowing that my faith is being refined.

Psalms: Categories

I’ve been reading a Psalm a day since the beginning of the month (easy to keep track of which Psalm I’m on–at least for a month) and highly recommend it. Since I’ve been concentrating so much on the New Testament it’s nice to get a dose of the OT everyday.

But if you want to read a Psalm now and then and would like something in a certain category, they are divided up here according to the book How To Read the Bible For All Its Worth.

Try a few thanksgiving Psalms for Thanksgiving.

Book 1: Ps. 1-41; Book 2: Ps. 42-72; Book 3: Ps. 73-89; Book 4: Ps. 90-106; Book 5: Ps. 107-150


  • Individual-3; 22; 31; 39; 42; 57; 71; 88; 120; 139; 142
  • Corporate-12;44;80;94;137


  • Community-65; 67; 75; 107; 124; 136
  • Individual-18; 30; 32; 34; 40; 66; 92; 116; 118; 138

God as:

  • Creator-8; 19; 104; 148
  • Protector and benefactor of Israel-66; 100; 111; 114; 149
  • Lord of history-33; 103; 113; 117; 145-147

Celebration and Affirmation

  • 2; 18; 20; 21; 24; 29; 45; 46; 47; 48; 50; 72; 76; 81; 84; 87; 89; 93; 95-99; 101; 110; 122; 132; 144


  • 36; 37; 49; 73; 112; 127; 128; 133


  • 11; 16; 23; 27; 62; 63; 91; 121; 125; 131