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Poetry and Accuracy

Lately I’ve been having thoughts about the genre of poetry in the Bible and how people can easily dismiss it as inaccurate or greatly embellished. I found a quote that expresses what I’ve been thinking (and is related to Genesis 1):

Second, “poetry” is not some lesser form of literature that tolerates nonsense. The Israelites did not think, “Well, it is just poetry so we can say some whacky things we would never dare say in narrative.” The opposite is the case. The Psalms were used in worship. The presence of the cosmic battle motif in Psalms actually tells us how important this notion was to them for praising the Lord. He is worthy of praise in part because of the defeat of his ancient “foes.” That is how the Israelites understood it.

–Pete Enns, The BioLogos Foundation

See the rest of the post at the link.

Disclaimer: I’m not familiar with Pete Enns or the BioLogos foundation. For all I know their basic tenets may be against mine. I just like this quote.

HT: Joel

Meme: Christian Haiku

Haiku is a minimalist form of poetry. There aren’t many rules or definite styles. Read more here if you’d like:

The rules of the meme are to make up some three line Christian Haiku poems. Then nominate as many people as you’d like.

My favorite is where there is some sort of paradox, or opposites, or a surprise on the third line. Some bad grammar may help it sound more authentic.

Here are my Haikus. They aren’t very good but at least they’re relatively easy.

Evil farmers kill owner’s son
Pharisees say, farmers bad
Pharisees realize, farmers are us!

We can do everything through God, yay!
What is everything?
Contentment when poor

This world is upside down
Kingdom of heaven is rightside up
Let renewed mind think up more

Suffering suffering more and more
Oh my God
I can’t get enough of you

Complementarianism the new apartheid?
The Kingdom of God is a democracy
They reasoned

The Bible is my creed
Just me and my Bible
May be right, may be wrong

Humiliated on a cross
Makes spectacle of evil ones

Bible book paper ink
living active sharp sword
unlimited edition

Study Bible
all your life
tip of iceberg

I write Haiku
you don’t like
I hear violins
woe is me violin

Theologer has a Haiku here. I would like to nominate him, Peter Lopez and Bitsy. I don’t want to saddle too many people with this but please nominate as many as you want and for anyone who isn’t nominated, please feel free to participate. I would love to read all of yours.

I may come up with more in the future.