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How do you know you are saved?

This GodTube video of Paul Washer speaking expresses some of the ideas written about on 23Oct07 and 6Oct07 in the last third of the video/audio:
How do you know you are saved?

Related Scripture:
My soul followeth hard after thee:
thy right hand upholdeth me.
Psalm 63:8 KJV

Real Conversion

In the post on October 6th Thomas Schreiner is quoted as saying: “The ultimate reason for a mission to the Gentiles was not the salvation of the Gentiles but the proclamation of the name of Jesus Christ.” And John MacArthur, “The decision of yielding, surrendering and then acting, is between the hearer and God, not between the hearer and the preacher.”

Thanks to Nath at Reformed Geek there are two videos of Paul Washer preaching on true conversion and puts into words some thoughts I’ve had recently.

If anyone can find any Scripture supporting alter calls or praying the sinner’s prayer let me know.