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What Every Book of the New Testament Is About

“A distinctive feature of Matthew is its arrangement into alternating sections of narrative and discourse.”

‘The shortest Gospel, and perhaps the basis for Matthew and Luke. Mark is the “action Gospel,” with the word immediately appearing some 35 times.’

“The humanitarian Gospel, with much attention to marginalized members of society. The longest Gospel, covering more of Jesus’s life than the others.”

“The poetic Gospel, embodying much of its meaning in great symbols such as light, bread, and water.”

A Family Affair | Carl R. Trueman | First Things

I was reading Leviticus 18 a few weeks ago and noticed how homosexuality is apparently tucked into all of these other things.

“Never have sexual intercourse with anyone related to you by blood. I am the LORD.
7 “Never have sexual intercourse with your mother. She is your own mother. Never have sexual intercourse with her. 8 Never have sexual intercourse with your stepmother. She is related to you through your father.

22Never have sexual intercourse with a man as with a woman. It is disgusting. 23 Never have sexual intercourse with any animal and become unclean with it. A woman must never offer herself to an animal for sexual intercourse. It is unnatural.
Leviticus 18:6-8, 22-23 GW

So, much of our society demands that we think homosexual behavior is normal and good, but all of these other things are not. (Homosexual behavior is addressed all throughout the Bible, not just in the Old Testament.) So I was wondering if our society would ever see incest as OK, as long as it’s between two consenting adults. Carl Trueman addresses a real-life example of a mother and daughter in the article linked above.

How “Spurgeon’s Priority” Can Change Your Life – B&H Academic
“You may wonder how a person as accomplished as Spurgeon was able to spend so much time reading the Bible and praying.”

Thriving tradesmen are early risers, and thriving saints seek Jesus eagerly. Those who find Jesus to their enrichment give their hearts to seeking him. We must seek him first, and thus earliest. Above all things Jesus. Jesus first, and nothing else even as a bad second.

Underwater Dogs
Click the photo to see Seth Casteel underwater dog photos

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Book Tribalism | CCW – Christian Communicators Worldwide – I’m not exactly sure what they’re trying to say here. But I do know that it’s good, of course; and it’s bad. It has caused me to think about what and who I read. The video they link to is amazing. I’ve seen in at least a couple of times and may have posted it before.

Reformed Theology & John 3:16 by Burk Parsons

Visual Theology on Pinterest – Infographics

I guess I might have been wrong about the premise of the Daniel Diet mistreating Scripture.
Archaeologists Discover Prophet Daniel's Weight Loss Diary | The Babylon Bee

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I’ll just post this for the long weekend to give you any reading material you might want.

I pray that anyone reading this will have a nice Thanksgiving, for those who celebrate it. For those with no family or who are going through afflictions in any way, I pray that God’s grace will be sufficient for you. Let’s remember that not everybody is happy and shiny during holidays.

Rethinking the Text: God’s “Still, Small Voice”? | internetmonk.com

“God told me” and the Sufficiency of Scripture : 9Marks

Friendship sexualized, trivialized, and For Profit | MOS – Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

Pitting Holiness Against Holiness – we are made holy; we are to be holy

The Upward Call – The language of grumbling – this is something I’ve been working on a lot
Also see: Murmuring Is A Sin | Scripture Zealot blog
HT: Links I like

Learning about Pain from Luther, Bunyan & th| Bible | Desiring God by John Piper, Daily Devotionals Online, Bible Study, Christian Video

Puritan Perspectives on the Lord’s Prayer

Let us have a great esteem of the Lord’s prayer; let it be the model and pattern of all our prayers. There is a double benefit arising from framing our petitions suitably to this prayer. Hereby error in prayers is prevented. It is not easy to write wrong after this copy; we cannot easily err when we have our pattern before us. Hereby mercies requested are obtained; for the apostle assures us that God will hear us when we pray ‘according to his will.’ I John V 14. And sure we pray according to his will when we pray according to the pattern he has set us. So much for the introduction to the Lord’s prayer, ‘After this manner pray ye.’

“Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1).
–Thomas Watson, The Lord’s Prayer, 2.

Around the Web – May.26.14

Offer Advice Very Carefully | CCEF

The Story of the Puritans | Monergism – eBook

6 Motives to Study The Least Popular Book In The Bible | HeadHeartHand Blog – If you meander through the Bible like I often do, and are deciding what to read, give the least popular book of the Bible a try, with these helps to give you perspective.

Touchstone Archives: The Gospel Truth of Jesus
HT: A New Twist on the Quadrilemma: Lord, Liar, Lunatic, or Legend? | Daniel B. Wallace

All The Prayers Of The Bible (PDF File)

What is an evangelical? – “Until very recently…”

The State of the Bible: 6 Trends for 2014 – Barna Group “More than half of Americans (56%) are ‘pro-Bible’—meaning they believe the Bible is the actual or inspired word of God with no errors.” — Ironically, many Christians believe there are errors. I’m pleasantly surprised by the 56%.

Top 10 Books on Depression | HeadHeartHand Blog

Free yellow flower photo:

Eranthus Flower
Click for a larger one

Photo © Jeff at Scripture Zealot

Around the Web – March.25.14

It’s been a week since I blogged. Sometimes I’m full of it and sometimes I’m empty. I have a trio of productivity links today.

Memorizing God’s Word: Colossians – I’m contemplating this. I’ve never memorized more than a half of a chapter in the NT, so this would be quite a challenge at this point. Since I plan on studying Colossians for some time, it might be beneficial.

The Gentle Temeraire – Reformation21 Blog – J.I. Packer still has it

2014 National Conference — Audio and Video Now Available | Ligonier Ministries Blog

Stopping Suicide

8 Ways to Get More Done This Week | Challies Dot Com

7 Time Management Strategies From Some Brilliant Teenage Prodigies | Fast Company

Use These Daily Routines of 7 Famous Entrepreneurs To Create Your Own Routine

Around the Web – Jan.28.13

A Biblical Understanding of Depression and Anxiety | Gospel Obsessed

John MacArthur: The Infographic | Challies Dot Com

Keeping it Real – Reformation21 Blog – at the risk of sounding arrogant–I’ve never fallen for swearing and willfully expressing sinful anger as ‘just being real’, though I like to be myself all the time and not put on a face; I know God can handle it, but He also calls us to be holy

"I'm thinking of going to the doctor for depression meds" | HeadHeartHand Blog – I think this is good advice from my own experience

Hearing the God of Job | First Thoughts – two quotes below if you don’t have time to read the post

Worship is to be a reality check which re-calibrates our minds so that we might live as aliens in a foreign land. Too often, however, it merely apes the tastes of the world outside.

Evangelicalism as a business does not place a very high premium on the kind of things for which David [book author] longs and which he believes are possible if we are intentional in pursuing them: Finely-tooled theology rooted in historic confessions; sober-minded worship; thoughtful pastoral care; and deep commitment to the church as church. How could it? These things are a minority interest and could never attract the capital necessary to sustain the big Evangelical industry over even a short period of time.

About that little voice in your heart… – Reformation21 Blog – this book that he’s quoting from is a book I read and will be drawing upon for my upcoming posts on Things Christians Say, or whatever I decide to call it

Around the Web – Jan.17.14

5 Ways Physical Training Helps With Spiritual Training – I am a retired exercise evangelist. I could add a lot to this, but I’m still retired.

Death and Resurrection: The Key to the Old Testament | The Christward Collective

Nine Reasons Why I Am Thankful To Be A Calvinist | Alastair's Adversaria
HT: Thomas Provost

The shocking secret to finding God’s will | Blogging Theologically – (Vipre anti-virus users may get a false positive)

An All-Consuming Passion for Jesus (Free eBook) | Desiring God

Around the Web – Jan.03.14

One Bible, Many Versions: Are All Translations Created Equal? by @DaveBrunnAuthor | The Brave Reviews – If I read this book I think I would just be agreeing with it all – see Literal Translation Does Not Work

Columns from Tabletalk Magazine, January 2014 by Nathan W. Bingham | Ligonier Ministries Blog – “The January edition of Tabletalk is out. This issue examines some of the most common hermeneutical and exegetical fallacies that are committed by those who study Scripture.” I love this stuff.

The Horner Bible Reading Plan Redivivus | Nate Claiborne – I like his ideas on the aggressive Professor Horner Bible Reading Plan

New York Times reports on Calvinist resurgence | Denny Burk

The Morning I Heard the Voice of God – Desiring God – this is old and good – you need to read most of it to get to the good part

Around the Web – Dec.17.13

5 Things Christians Should Stop Saying — JASON JOHNSON | BLOG – this is my kind of post, and will be more fodder for an upcoming series, whenever get to it

For the Love of God Vol. 1A Daily Companion for Discovering
the Riches of God’s Word
by D.A. Carson – this book is free in PDF format

All the Prayers of the Bible | Monergism

14 Books to Kick Off 2014 — JOETHORN.net

The Tragic Death Of The Funeral – I agree completely and so does Michael Horton in his book on preparing for suffering

10 Tips on Embracing People with Mental Illness in the Church

Around the Web: Suffering

Suffering and the Sovereignty of God: A New Teaching Series from R.C. Sproul Jr. | Ligonier Ministries Blog – Watch the first lesson for free

Let’s Talk About Mental Illness by Stephen Altrogge – Not another post about mental illness! But this one is short and very good. It’s very descriptive. I especially like this, which I can relate to:

But, because our bodies do not function correctly, a guy could be feeling anxious for no reason at all. I have experienced this all too often. Adrenaline courses through my body. My heart races. I have shortness of breath. I can’t sit still. My body is in fight or flight mode. And I’m Not. Worried. About. A. Single. Thing. Changing my thinking won’t change my feelings.

Some will say, “You need to get counseling to get to ‘the root of the problem.'” After decades of trying, I’ve yet to get to the root of the problem, and this is just how life is sometimes. We can’t always know everything. One thing I’ve noticed is the advice givers give less and less advice the more they know either by living with someone who deals with these things for a long time, or eventually deal with it themselves, God forbid. They realize the sufferer has already been given all of the advice and tried everything they could. If they know them well, and see there’s something they might need to try, then they might want to bring it up. I will write a post on that.

I'm Healed by Becky Lynn Black

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Amazon.com Kindle Book – A Place of Healing: Wrestling with the Mysteries of Suffering, Pain, and God's Sovereignty by Joni Eareckson Tada – this is $2.51 today

Scripture Tools for Every Person (STEP): A New Free Online Bible Study Resource. – Justin Taylor

Are Proverbs Sure-Fire Promises? | Counseling One Another – see the quote below

Bullock helpfully observes: ‘The first hermeneutical principle is that the theological assumptions of the book are often more important than the textual context.’ For example, until we have carefully absorbed the instructions of Proverbs 1-9, we are not well positioned to rightly interpret the aphorisms of Proverbs 10ff. The theology of Proverbs 1-9 sets the stage for understanding the wisdom of the later sentence literature. We must ask ourselves not only what is stated, but what is assumed about God, His relationship to, and role in, the world around us, and His purposes.

I’ve been learning that the book of Proverbs needs to be read as a whole book, with some verses adding meaning to other verses in different chapters. Then the book of Proverbs needs to be understood within the context of the Bible. The quote above is really helpful for me, so I wanted to post it. I love Proverbs and can’t get enough of it. One could read a chapter a day for the rest of their lives and never stop getting more out of it.

5 non-existent words that make YOU look a halfwit copywriter – This is one of those posts where the comments are bound to be as good or better than the post.

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Still busy so I’m mainly posting these. Hope to get to real posts next week, but no promising.

Mental Illness: One Simple Way to Help | The Exchange | A Blog by Ed Stetzer – I know I’ve been posting a ton of links about mental illness. This one is particularly good regarding problems the church has in dealing with ‘mentally ill’ people. I put that in quotes because mentally ill can be someone who is chronically depressed, and you wouldn’t know it by just seeing them in church. But if they were to ‘come out’, they may be seen much more differently, which is part of the problem.

3 Mistakes We Make When Talking about the Sovereignty of God | Everyday Theology

Is it ever ok to lie? | the Cripplegate – A hardline and literal approach. I like it.

Quit it. | Stuff Christians Like – Jon Acuff

500px / Popular Photos – I look at these everyday and never stop being amazed

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I realize that many think that more formal (or literal) translations are better. Of course, books have been written on that, but this just deals with form and grammar. To me copying the grammar of the original languages and trying to squeeze it into English, except for when they don’t, makes for some awkward reading for some of us. I prefer English as opposed to Greek or Hebrew or Aramaic English. Half of you who are into translations will disagree with this. I felt ‘literal is better’ when I read the NRSV for three years–a great translation–so I understand (in a non-expert way) where everyone is coming from.
Top Translation Traps: Slavery to Form « God Didn’t Say That

“For this month’s column, I thought I would offer a few reflections on Andy Stanley’s recent book, Deep and Wide: Creating Churches Unchurched People Love to Attend. Here’s a classic passage which represents in miniature an entire universe of erroneous thinking.”
–Carl Trueman
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie – Reformation21

As long as we’re getting critical, if you are an author or a pastor, don’t do this.
An Unhealthy Focus in Much Christian Literature | Borrowed Light
I’ve read how I’m supposed to have a problem with prayer and a few other things, when I don’t. It’s very condescending.

Everytime I read the Old Testament, I appreciate it more, even if I’m more disturbed by it. Some good stuff on this page if you’re interested. A quote if you don’t have time.
Old Testament | Miscellanies.

[Jesus] regarded the whole Old Testament movement as a divinely directed and inspired movement, as having arrived at its goal in himself, so that he himself in his historic appearance and work being taken away, the Old Testament would lose its purpose and significance. This none other could say. He was the confirmation and consummation of the Old Testament in his own person, and this yielded the one substratum of his interpretation of himself in the world of religion.

–Geerhardus Vos—Biblical Theology

I know you’ve been bombarded with articles on mental health. Here are just a few more with the last one being an infographic on schizophrenia, one of the most misunderstood disorders and misused terms.

Lessons Learned from the Dark Valley of Depression | Biblical Counseling Coalition Blogs

A Biblical Counseling Perspective on Mental Illness | Biblical Counseling Coalition Blogs

HT: David Murray | HeadHeartHand Blog

Click for a larger one:
Schizophrenia: The Broken Mind