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I’m far from acedemic

In case you haven’t noticed. I’m also not a teacher and really don’t have any authority. This quote would apply to me also: 

I’m a guy who reads too much on a narrow range of subjects that I scarcely understand who spouts whatever no doubt incorrect opinion occurs to him.  No academics here, I promise you!

–Rick Sumner, The Dilettante Exegete – he’s half joking, and there’s a big inside joke regarding that term

I know a thing or two about chronic suffering and how not to treat people who are, plus I have a whole lot of pet peeves to write about. Otherwise, I just write about things I’m learning, and point out resources I’ve found that I think are interesting, so of course you should be interested in them too. Notice I didn’t use the word ‘share’–one of my pet peeves. I thought I’d point that out to any readers who might be new. I really appreciate the people who read this blog, whether you read it regularly, just what catches your eye on Twitter, Facebook, E-mail or your RSS feed, or have arrived from some sort of search or link. I still struggle with why I write it and whether it’s worth the time spent.

Just so this post isn’t totally devoid of value, I’ll leave you with one of the random quotes I like to collect:

There is not a single verse or passage in Scripture, whether in a narrative account or in prescriptive or descriptive texts, regarding the use of a “Sinner’s Prayer” in evangelism. Not one.

–Tony Miano

Miscellaneous Stuff

I have been keeping tabs on some Bible reviews:

The back surgery was definitely worth it. I can stand up straight without pain for the first time in years and can even bend backwards a little already. However, even though it will be a while until I’m fully recovered, I realize that I just can’t sit at this computer as much as I would like because of other conditions and back problems.

So I’ve decided to get a notebook/laptop computer. Spending money isn’t exactly what we want to do right now after surgery, doctor visits etc. but I have some birthday and Christmas money, and some other money saved to go towards it. I’m getting a Dell Inspiron 1525, 3GB, 250GB, 15″ screen which was on special for $499.

There is a risk of spending too much time piddling around on it while sitting in the recliner. I know a lot of you have cut back on your internet time and taken temporary hiatuses from blogging. Blogging isn’t a problem for me, but if any of you have enacted any rules and guidelines for yourselves, I’d like to hear about it. I want to use my time wisely.

I received a review copy of BibleWorks 8. I plan on going all out in learning how to use it and will do an extensive review in a few weeks.

I’ve been writing and collecting some things on my other blog that don’t quite fit on this blog, which I like to keep more focused.


Do any of you twitter? Do you find it useful? If you do let me know your screen name. I might like to keep track of what I’m reading and be able to look back to see what and when. Or maybe there is something else better suited for that.

Update: I’m starting to twitter. Username scripturezealot

Updates: I don’t think I’m going to keep twittering. I’d like to find something else. Maybe another blog for keeping track of these things.