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Don’t let mental sickness affect judgement of spiritual maturity

The state of godliness is not to be judged of by the fears and sorrows in which it usually begins. A man’s life is not like his infancy at his birth. The fears and penitent sorrows, which foolishly fleshly sinners fly from, do tend to everlasting peace and joy; and perfect love will cast out all tormenting fears, unless it be those of a timorous diseased temper which have more of sickness than of sin and will be laid aside with the body, which was their cause. A life of peace and joy on earth may succeed the tremblings of the newborn convert; but a life of full everlasting joy will certainly succeed the perseverance and victory of every believing holy soul.

–Richard Baxter, A Grief Sanctified

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Two Views of Mental Illness

Unfortunately, the first one is a succinct article and the second is a ‘sermon’ which takes a lot of time to listen to. I skimmed much of the sermon to know what it’s about. The first 30 seconds are a gross mis-characterization to give you a taste of what’s to come, although there is a lot of good truth mixed in. I respect Voddie Baucham but don’t know why he’d give a sermon that goes so far outside of Scripture. But I just want to post them both for you. Many people who are at least relatively healthy may agree with the sermon and everyone who suffers from more severe mental illness, along with its physical symptoms will identify with the article.

Many things in the sermon will overlap the article, but in general I believe there is a different perspective. The article is what I’d say if I could write and research well.

What I like about the article is how it says that it’s a complex thing. There are many variables. Baucham says that mental illness is absolutely not a medical issue (and many times I’m sure it isn’t). How he knows this, I have no idea. He also says that there is no such thing as a chemical imbalance in the brain. I don’t know if there is or not. He says it’s because there’s no test for it. I wish the article wouldn’t have mentioned something similar, because we don’t know, and that will put up a red flag for some people, but I think on the whole it’s an extremely reasonable article.

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Nebuchadnezzar Loses His Mind – Voddie Baucham | Truth Endures (sermon)

The sermon and comments on Facebook upset me enough that I may not comment here, or may turn off the comments, which I’ve never done. I purposely put up two Reformed sources by people I respect so that you wouldn’t think I’m being biased. These attitudes are still going on in good churches. In fact this is part of what brought on my diatribe in the last post.
Mental Illness is Because of Sin | Scripture Zealot