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Evangelical Press

I want to write a thank you post to Evangelical Press. I heard about the book How to Enjoy Your Bible and requested a review copy. I hadn’t dealt with them so I didn’t know how it would go. They were glad to send me a copy and I wrote a review here.

Then a few weeks later I got a box with a bunch of books from them. I felt like a kid on his birthday. I received Happiness of Heaven by Roberts, Heading for Heaven by Ryle (I’m a fan of his and haven’t even read any of his books yet), True Love by Renihan, Fire From Heaven by Cook, Seven Steps to Glory by Allred and Haggai Zechariah Malachi by Duguid.

I know I’m not obligated to review these since I didn’t request them but I will end up reviewing at least one or two of them. I’m especially glad to have the commentary on the last three books of the Bible since my OT material is so sparse. When I’m done reading through the OT I plan on reading that book and reviewing it (unless I’m having back surgery or something awful). I’m sure at some point I’ll read the Ryle book too.

Then they sent me another box a few weeks later. This had Dealing with Dawkins by Blanchard, Every Word Counts (there’s that scary inerrant theme again) by Barnes, and Anne Bradstreet, Pilgrim and Poet by Faith Cook which my wife has already read.

I didn’t realize they have books tailored to my preferences even if I might not read every single one of them.

So I want to say thank you to them for being so kind to me and let you know about the review or two this summer (which you will have totally forgotten about by then).

I’m a Westminster Blog Partner

I’m now a Blog Partner affiliate with Westminster Bookstore. You can find the Westminster Bookstore badge in the right sidebar of this blog. I like to go there to look at the items at the top of the left sidebar there like Coming Soon, New Arrivals etc.

Westminster Bookstore

They have a blog that I was unaware of until now:
Westminster Bookstore Blog

Pictures of my Library

I took pictures of my library and thought I’d show them to you. The picture you see below–that’s it. My whole library fits on one shelving unit consisting of five shelves other than some fiction books and a few others I really don’t like that are on another shelf.

On this post by Nick Norelli I have the smallest amount of books of all the people who responded. Nick said, “I don’t know how you do it. I think everyone who owns over a thousand books should send one to you as well.” I agree.

If you could help a poor (not really, relatively) boy out, please buy your Amazon stuff through the search box at the right. I will be putting a Westminster link there also.

However, I love my library and I’m very thankful for it. In a way this is a lot of money. I used to get all my books from the library but then was able to very slowly buy some books.

I disabled clicking directly on an image because it doesn’t work well in this case. Click on the link below it to see a HUGE one. (Be sure your browser isn’t resizing them to make them smaller.) If you’re on dial-up it will take a very long time. Comments below.

Library bookshelf of Christian books

HUGE image

This is the whole thing. I couldn’t shoot it straight on because our couch is in the way and with my bad back there’s no way I could move it. When I’m lying down on the couch most of the day I can see the top half of it. I often look at it and remember some of the things I’ve read in many of them.

HUGE image

The bottom shelf is Bibles and a few books on reading the Bible. I wish I would have taken a picture of just the bottom shelf. Many of these are on or under the coffee table where I have access to them when I’m reading. I put those few here for the picture. The HCSB Illustrated is my primary Bible and the NLT Mosaic is my secondary. Many of the pew Bibles are under the coffee table.

The next shelf up is Calvin and Calvinism, then Philip Yancey (I’m sure he’s thrilled about that), then some odds and ends, then Greek and exegesis.

HUGE image

The next two shelves are the reference section. Only the librarian can get these for you and you can’t check them out. I have one commentary for every book of the New Testament. My Old Testament material is severely lacking. The study Bibles are here because I only use them for reference. They are valuable because of not having much else in the area of OT material. I’ve read all of the commentaries all the way through except Luke and Acts which I plan to do next year.

HUGE image

The top shelf has my favorite ‘regular’ books on my favorite subjects. I’ve read at least 2/3 of them. The other 1/3 will keep me busy between the other things I read and study.

There you have it–my beloved little library.

One more below just for the fun of it.

HUGE image

Crossway’s 2010 New Releases (February)

Looks like Crossway has some good stuff coming up (gallery of eight book covers).

They all look good, especially these two for me:

I found a list too if Facebook is a problem:

2010 Book Give-a-Way

To encourage a year of reading godly and edifying books, Working out Salvation with Fear and Trembling blog and his favorite publishing company, Crossway Books, have partnered together for the 2010 Book Give-a-Way! Each month he will give one brand new Crossway release to the readers of his blog.

Go to the blog for the details.

I’m an Amazon Associate

After reading Esteban’s post I thought I should mention that I’m an Amazon Associate. This means that if you use the search box in the right column or click on most of the links to book on this site, there is code within the link so that Amazon knows that you came from this site. Then when someone buys a book I get a very small commission. There is no change in the price of the books bought this way.

As mentioned before, one way to help us bloggers out is to buy books by clicking on a book link or using the search box or buying through a person’s virtual store if they have one. Wherever you go from there throughout the site, Amazon will remember you. This doesn’t mean that Amazon tracks your every move that you make from then on, just for that visit to their site. If you see any black helicopters or people looking in your windows at night, I can assure you they’re not people from Amazon.

So that’s my disclosure and a reminder that when you buy your books from Amazon, please do it through your favorite blogger to help them support their habit site.

Book Giveaway: Jesus and “This Generation”

The untitled blog written by Kevin is giving away Jesus and “This Generation” by E. Lovestam. This book was published in 2004 and belongs to the Coniectanea Biblica New Testament Series.

Rules of the giveaway are simple:

Link to this post on your blog and you will be entered. Also, please just make a quick comment on this post just to be sure that I know you have entered. (I don’t want to accidentally miss out someone who did link to this post)

Shipping to USA addresses only.

The giveaway will be drawn on Friday September 18th.

The cover art looks spectacular.

For Those Who Have Amazon Bookstores

Do you get many sales through your Amazon Associates account via a bookstore that you have set up? I think I could have a very comprehensive list of books on suffering. I didn’t think that would be a popular subject but then saw how popular Piper’s book on suffering is on Amazon, even though it’s a free Kindle book (and a couple of days ago a book about learning Greek was #100). I think I could put together some other stuff too. But it would be a lot of work.

I don’t get many sales through book links here or the search box.

Would it be worth it?

Book Aquisitions

I’m going through France’s commentary on Matthew. There is a very truncated introduction because the commentary is already 1200 pages long and he wrote a previous book called Matthew: Evangelist and Teacher which he expects you to read. So I checked out An Introduction to the New Testament: Contexts, Methods and Ministry Formation by David A. deSilva from the library for the second or third time. Since I had book money I decided to finally just buy it. My little library is sorely lacking in reference materials. This came highly recommended by Mike Aubrey and others and since I was able to take a look at it I knew I would like it. It was “A 2005 Gold Medallion finalist!” One of the things I really like about it is it “integrate[s] instruction in exegetical and interpretive strategies with their customary considerations of authorship, dating, audience and message”. (added emphasis)

deSilva New Testament Introduction

Our group Bible study is going to be studying Ecclesiastes, which was my suggestion so I’m very glad about that. I already had Eaton’s Ecclesiastes and decided to spend another whole $6 and by Kidner’s (used) just to get another look. I may do a brief comparison at some point. I found that I like the NLT Study Bible’s treatment of Ecclesiastes better than the ESVSB mainly because the NLTSB is more thorough with more quantity of helpful information. I love Ecclesiastes and love it even more now.

I’ve been “learning” Greek using Croy’s beginning grammar book. I had been thinking it might be nice to get Black’s and/or Mounce’s just to get a well rounded treatment and possibly help me learn some things better by having them explained differently. I’m a NetGalley reviewer and requested Black’s Learn to Read New Testament Greek. After I requested it I saw that it’s only for teachers. But they sent it to me anyway. And not a galley but the book with the workbook! So I thought in order to do a good review of it, I might as well get Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar to do a good comparison of all three. In reading some of the Amazon reviews of the Mounce I see that it’s good for people who are self teaching. I did not know that as Johnny Carson would say. So I’m looking forward to all of this. I’ll say that the Black book is beautiful. You’ll see a review of that in the future.

Learn To Read New Testament Greek by Black

After Matthew I’ll be going through John with the help of Carson’s The Gospel According to John: An Introduction and Commentary (Pillar New Testament Commentary).

I think that brings my slowly growing library to well over a hunderd (sic) books. I bet you’re jealous. My library is smaller than yours and I’m content (Phil 4:11-13).

Book Giveaway

Matthew Burgess at confessions of a bible junkie is giving away Bart Ehrman’s The New Testament: A Historical Introduction to the Early Christian Writings (4th ed; Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008). If you would like to enter all you have to do is write a post on your blog like I have here.

I have to admit I wasn’t sure if I’d want anything by Bart Ehrman but I can use as much NT (or OT) reference material as I can get.


Finally Got Calvin’s Institutes

Mike Aubrey suggested I save a search for Calvin’s Institutes so that I would get an e-mail message each day notifying me of new items up for bidding. I’ve bid on a few and most are going for about $40 which is more than I want to pay much less the $50 new on Amazon.

So I saw one come up with a Buy It Now price of $25 plus $4 shipping in like new condition. Since that’s so much lower than what they’ve been going for I thought I better get it while I’m up with this dreadful insomnia.

I probably won’t read it until next year but at least I have it now. After that I’d like to read some of the earlier Puritans and move on to a book or two by Jonathan Edwards.


Reading Material Recently Mentioned In The Blogosphere

Tony Byrne of Theological Meditations lets us know that Dr. Curt Daniel’s doctoral dissertation, Hyper-Calvinism and John Gill, is now scanned and available for free download at EthOS (Electronic Thesis Online Service) and that there will soon be more to come.

EthOS is something Nick Norelli mentioned not too long ago.

If you haven’t registered, you will need to do so. Then after you’re logged in, search for the paper you’re interested in. Then you can proceed with the shopping cart and download.



Sorry if I left anybody out.

My Library

Now that my wife has a super duper video recorder on her cell phone I was going to record a video of my library like the one below but I’m afraid people would be so underwhelmed by the sheer paucity of it that I would spare them. (If you really wanted to know you could find them at Library Thing.)

This video made the rounds a while ago but I thought I would post it again. This is Tony Reinke’s library.

HT: Shaun Tabatt

CBD Purchases-Croy’s Greek and The Expositor’s Bible Commentary

Some people wanted to know which beginning Greek book I was going to go with after reading Greek For The Rest Of Us. Although I briefly mentioned what I would be getting in a previous post, on Monday I ordered Croy’s A Primer of Biblical Greek because it’s deductive in style and deals a little bit with the Septuagint. And Mike and Esteban recommend it.

I used a CBD.com gift card and had just a bit left over and came across this–
The Expositor’s Bible Commentary: Introductory Articles, Volume 1 for only $5. I’m sure I saw this mentioned on another blog but can’t remember where. Even though it’s a little old, with names like Bruce and Metzger among many others, I felt I couldn’t go wrong at that price. My library is sorely lacking in reference works other than NT commentaries.

I thought I would mention it in case anyone else might be interested.

Books Worth Reading Twice

I’d like to know what Christian books you think are worth reading twice. More specifically:

  1. A book you have read in its entirety that you would like to read again
  2. A book you have read twice or more in its entirety because you thought it was that good, not because you had to because of school etc.

This would not include reference type books unless you’ve read them cover to cover as you would a normal book.

Starting with #2 I have read these books twice:

  • My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers
  • The Gospel According to Job by Mike Mason
    Amazon review:

    This is the best book I have ever read, bar none. I’m sixty years old. Been in ministry 30 years. Mason has turned my nice neat evangelical theology on its ear. I never read a book more than once. Ever. I am starting my fourth reading this month. I would give a month’s salary to sit down over coffee with this author.

  • The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer
  • Knowing God by J.I. Packer
  • Praying Backwards by Bryan Chapell

Books I would like to read again:

I’d like to hear yours but notice I didn’t turn this into an evil meme. If you’d like, please reply here or write a post on your blog.

I’ve scheduled this to post while I’m having surgery. Isn’t technology great?