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One Year Blog Anniversary

It’s hard to believe this blog is one year old.

A little over a year ago I was wondering if I wanted to take the time and if it would be worth the time to post on a blog. I wanted to write down what I was learning to further cement those things into my brain and to post quotes and links to have a repository for them. (I often find myself searching my own blog for these things.) I also hoped that eventually others would comment so that I could learn from them.

For quite a while I felt like I was talking to myself but the first two objectives were being fulfilled.

At one time I was wondering if I should be posting anything about what I’m learning in case I was leading anyone astray because of my own ignorance.

As time went on I got in with a circle of blogging friends and feel that the third objective is being fulfilled. Thank you for taking the time to comment or just reading.

I thought I would list some of my favorite posts.