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Rejoicing in Suffering

A very good blog post on a tough subject. I will say that this is much easier said than done in the case of extreme suffering. Everything said in this article is true, but in real practice, it's very tough. So tough that I think the article needs something more, although I'm not sure what. I still think it's extremely sound and a must read.
Rejoicing in Suffering


Pain Carnival

Carnival? It's just a term for someone who comes up with a lot of good blogs or blog posts that pertain to a certain subject.

Pain-Blog Carnival, March 2010

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What not to say to those who are suffering

More Things Not to Say to Those Who are Suffering by Ed Welch

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Spurgeon on Depression

When a Preacher is Downcast
by Charles Spurgeon

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Suffering and Justice in Job

The Almighty God revealed himself to Job. How simple that encounter seemed to be, and yet, how profound were the implications of that revelation. In a moment, Job’s attitude changed. His life was flooded with purpose, with hope, and with the expectation of healing. God healed Job by bringing him out of his anxiety into acceptance of his situation, an acceptance that brought peace to Job’s life.

God’s purpose was not only to heal Job, but also to instruct him. God asked Job several rhetorical questions which were beyond human capability of answering.

God wanted Job to catch a glimpse of his work in creation so that Job could realize that his suffering was insignificant when placed next to God’s work in the world. At the end of God’s questioning, Job recognized the vast gulf between God’s wisdom and power and his own ignorance of the many mysteries of life. The greatest lesson Job learned was that God was sovereign over his creation and that divine sovereignty governs all reality, including Job’s own life.

The Suffering of Job and Divine Justice - Part 2
(link to Part 1 is at the top of that post)

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Asking Why

Why Me? Why This? Why Now? Why?

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Pastor Matt Chandler on Suffering Well

Pastor says cancer gives him chance to suffer well

I thought 'suffering well' was a term I made up but nothing in this world is new.


R.C. Sproul on suffering, aging, and dying

Interview with R.C. Sproul on His Latest Book - Part 1
Interview with R.C. Sproul on His Latest Book - Part 2

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Jim Harrell, Perspectives in Suffering

If you benefit from stories of how God uses suffering, here are three posts with three videos on Randy Alcorn's blog. Jim Harrell is mentioned in his book If God is Good.

Randy Alcorn tells us that Jim Harrell died recently.

Jim Harrell, Perspectives in Suffering, part 1
Jim Harrell, Perspectives in Suffering, Part 2
Jim Harrell, Perspectives in Suffering, Part 3

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Good Columns at daveblackonline

Dave's wife Becky Lynn Black is dealing with cancer and has written quite a bit (along with Dave) about cancer and suffering.

The main page to look for articles is here:

Some examples would be:
God Didn’t Make Me to Suffer!
God Didn't Make Me to Suffer! (Part 2)
God Didn't Make Me to Suffer! (Part 3)

There is a lot to explore there.

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Counseling Site

"The Counseling Solutions Group is a worldwide non-profit organization helping people who are in situational difficulties. This is accomplished by using Christian principles to train leaders to competently counsel as well as by providing practical and compassionate counseling to individuals in need."

This site has a lot of good articles.

Counseling Solutions


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If only being a Christian was pain free

A serious post at Stuff Christians Like:
#547. Wishing being a Christian meant a pain free life.

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A Young Man’s Testimony to Suffering

You can find this article at The Works of God blog.

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CT Interviews Steven Curtis Chapman

Rising from the Valley of Death
Steven Curtis Chapman opens up about losing his daughter, their family's arduous journey, and a new album of songs chronicling the path of pain and hope.

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Anti-Depressants Can Be Gift From God

With all the talk of how much anti-depressants are over-prescribed, I would imagine that a lot of Christians who are taking them may feel some guilt. Read what John Piper has to say:
What's Your Take on Christians Using Antidepressants?

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God's Purposes In Our Troubles

J.I. Packer on God’s Purposes in Our Troubles

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How an illness can be a blessing

Why I’m Blessed with Gout

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Trust in the Sovereignty of God

Affirming Divine Sovereignty by R.C. Sproul

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Randy Alcorn on Suffering and Evil

Interview with Randy Alcorn on Suffering and Evil

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Does God Love You If You Stray Because Of Suffering?

Does God Still Love the Wayward Christian?

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