Suffering Christians Encouragement for those who are hurting


Motto for Troubles

"Expect troubles as being usual; accept them as being usable. They open a gateway to the grace of God."
--Dave Black

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  1. You were reading his Greek grammar before, right? Good quote.

  2. Yes, and I still am studying it. I think I will be for the rest of the year. Hopefully I’ll be through it by then. Then maybe his next intermediate/intermediate book.

    Thanks for commenting. It’s rare here!

  3. Hey, I understand the rarity of comment thing. I have a small audience myself.

    • Wow, this is the second Christian website that I have visited tonight that is white text on a black background and it is murder on the eyes. If you want more people to read these pages, you really need to do something about changing the format–really hard to read.

      • Some people like it, some don’t. It’s actually light gray on brown which isn’t as bad as white on black (although these comments are), but since the blog is no longer updated, I’m not going to be taking the time to change it.

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