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Reflections on R.C. Sproul
“Reflections on his life and legacy continue to be shared online—whether in short tweets or longer obituaries. Below is a collection of some of them.”

Better Man Project: 7 Things I’ve Learned From Reading More
“I never noticed how much easier it was to sit down and actually do it when I was doing it regularly. Not reading made it harder to read. Reading a few hours every morning made it easier to sit down and read in the evening instead of watching television. I have found it easier to read as a leisure activity.”

Love before logic: politics, persuasion, and the Puritans
“the Puritans believed that a lack of love makes it hard to hear. If a disagreement was going to proceed civilly—if it was going to be aimed at actual edification—then only an underlying unity of affections (some basic sort of sympathy with one another) would make it possible.”

Reading Books and Why We Have to Dive – This year I began to really discover the benefits of re-reading good books that I already have. I’ll write a little about this in an upcoming post on reading done in 2017, and maybe more later on.

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