R.C. Sproul

R.C. Sproul

We learned that R.C. Sproul died today. I’m not good with eulogies, or even anniversaries or writing about major events, so I’ll just write a little bit about what I’ve learned from him.

The first book I read of his is The Truth of the Cross. I just looked up a review of this book I did on the blog and see that it’s the first book I ever reviewed. I will always remember his exposition of portions of the Old Testament leading to the cross, which was especially helpful for me.

Next I read The Prayer of the Lord, which I also reviewed here. I also read his very well-known The Holiness of God.

I have also learned a lot from Reformed questions and answers that are on Youtube. This is where you can see what the man was really like. His humor was often evident.

Two things that especially impressed me about him are his precision regarding the understanding and teaching of Biblical doctrine, and the fact that even though his knowledge was so deep, he made it his life’s work to teach regular people about mere Christianity.

For the miserly, you can find some of his books for free in audio or Kindle format on Amazon.

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  1. 1 Eric

    Hi Jeff, even though I’m not a Calvinist, I always respected R.C. You’re right about his precision and humor – he was so bright and an eloquent speaker. Merry Christmas! Eric

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