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When I read a sentence, what I want to know is What did the author intend by it? not What new ideas do I have when I read it?

He promotes active reading by asking questions (he has eight), which is exactly what I’ve been learning when it comes to improving reading comprehension.

Stop Trying to Read the Bible in a Year! –

If your driving motive to read the Bible is to get it done in a year, rather than to meet with the living God and become entranced by his glory, then you will burn out, right around now in fact: January 15th.

I think this is a good post. I also think it’s good to read the Bible in large quantities, like the ‘ten bookmarks‘ method he sarcastically alluded to. (I’m not offended by the remark.) I like to switch it up every 9 to 18 months, and often do more than one type of reading or studying at once.

On the other hand, a post about reading through the Bible:
A Spreading Goodness » Bible Read Throughs

20 Reading Tips | HeadHeartHand Blog – for regular books

5. Double-up: Research has shown that our understanding and recall starts diminishing after about 30 minutes of reading a book. But science has also shown that if we change to another book after 30 minutes, it seems to refresh and refuel our minds and we return to higher levels of comprehension. Many experienced readers read two or more books at a time.

I’ve been doing this and it’s been working very well.

Andy Naselli recites Romans from memory:

Romans from Bethlehem Baptist Church on Vimeo.

Photo of a Bible

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  1. 1 Thomas Provost

    Hi Jeff. Good points made. I found #5 – “Double Up” particularily interesting.

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