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Personal Update:
Things have been rather difficult lately with medication changes, general life fatigue, and a little over a week ago I had surgery to replace my lumbar pain pump (just routine). I would like to at least get back to blogging as much as I was, but ultimately more than that. I can’t make any commitments on that though. A good thing is that I’ve been reading more and would like to post more quotes, with some reflections. But that leaves me with less time and energy to blog. So we’ll see how it goes. Thanks for reading if you’ve gotten this far.

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  1. 1 Eric

    Hey Jeff – hope you’re recovering well from your pain pump replacement. I was involved in a car accident a couple months ago – was rear-ended while stopped at a stoplight – the guy may have been intoxicated or had complications of diabetes – he was going full speed. Totaled my car. Lots of back pain, whole spine, but think it’s getting better. No referred pain or nerve problems, so hoping it was “just” soft tissue. Very lucky, all things considered. Hope you get good coverage from the new pump and can get your meds adjusted for maximum benefit. Blessings, Eric

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Oh my. You should have heard me gasping when I read that. Sounds like a full recovery is very likely.

    This pump is the same as the one that it replaced. They don’t want the battery to run out–nor do I. I didn’t even get an upgrade. I wanted the Wifi model (kidding).

    Thank you for commenting. It’s good to ‘hear’ from you.

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