A Problem With Electronic Books

Sometimes you read the wrong book. I’ll never forget Brian Regan doing a standup routine on how book titles are on every other page:

If reading makes you smart then how come when you read a book they have to put the title of the book on the top of every single page? Does anyone get halfway through a book, “What the h*** am I reading?”

For the first time in a long time, or maybe ever, I couldn’t decide what book to read. I have so many I want to read–two (more) books on Ecclesiastes, a few books on Luther for a foray into his theology, Michael Horton’s systematic theology (not ready for a 1000 page book right at the moment, but I’m looking forward to it), parts of A Puritan Theology, Living Sacrifice, On Communication With God–that I was stymied. So I decided to read Derek Thomas’ The Gospel Brings Us All the Way Home, a free Kindle book. But wait, I saw R.C. Sprouls’ The Work of Christ. I love reading about Christology, so I just picked that. It was a free Kindle book also. I also recently read a short one, possibly a chapter pulled out of a book, called Mystic[al] Union With Christ by Thomas Watson. I was going to read a paper by Horton called Union With Christ in addition to it, but noticed there is a chapter on that in his systematic theology, so I’d hold off. But I did look at it in my eReader on my phone. Somehow when reading The Work of Christ, it reverted back to Union With Christ and I never knew it until I finished it way too soon. And the strange thing is, earlier today I was thinking about how much I learn from both Horton and Sproul, and that I should read more of them in the future. They have similar styles apparently.

So maybe there is a value to having the title of a book on every single page.

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