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A Prophet for an Un-discerning Church | MOS – Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals – I’ve thought similar to this article for a few years and caught a little flack from it. A pastor would need to be very brave because so many women would be on his case about this.

Beth Moore Deserves Better | MOS – Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals – Another perspective

I include the above two links because for a few years I have felt similarly to what’s written in the first post, and think that they can write about this topic much better than I can. Beth Moore and the also mentioned Joyce Meyer have a very significant influence on a lot of women. I fully endorse what the above posts say. (If you read the first, please read the second.) If I get criticized, it’s OK. My blog allows comments and theirs do not, so I’m taking a risk. Most supporters will say, “But she’s done so much good for so many people.” Misguided teaching and sloppy use of Scripture will lead many people to bad soil (Mark 4:3-9). There are so many better teachers out there. Look for anything by Nancy Guthrie as an example, both as a writer and editor. If you’d like to hear from a woman on a similar subject, Aimee Byrd, who completes the trio of The Mortificatin of Spin, can be heard on one of their shorter podcasts called Best Seller Sell-Outs. Discernment is lacking among many evangelicals of either gender these days.

My Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal For This Year – It’s Not What You Think – Similar to my little peach fuzz post
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20 Reading Tips | HeadHeartHand Blog

God might call you to be ignored
“We speak [the gospel], we pray, we plead… and there’s nothing. For many, your words are nothing more than the incoherent mutterings of Charlie Brown’s school teacher.” This is encouraging for me, I guess.

Tangled Up in Blue: Depression and the Christian Life – Reformation21 – a repeat, but worth it

Spurgeon’s Sorrows: Realistic Hope for Those Who Suffer from Depression | Westminster Bookstore – $5.50 or less – I haven’t read it but there is a sample available

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