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These are a lot of links. I think there are some good ones. I probably won’t post much or anything through at least the 29th.

Acts 17:11 Bible Study: Theology – The Knowledge of God – C.S. Lewis on Theology

Christmas: Night and Day “So the message is far more good news declaration than it is argumentation.”

Baker Book House Church Connection | How Do Mountains and Stars Worship? – I’ve often wondered this too. Although I don’t think of worship as only “verbal, emotionally charged expressions of praise”. Many everyday things, from drinking a cup of coffee to taking care of my body by exercising it are part of worshiping God.

When Risking it All for God Means Staying Where You Are | RELEVANT Magazine

Baker Book House Church Connection | What’s the “Aorist” Tense?

Baker Book House Church Connection | Moisés Silva on “Agape” Love – It’s more than what you think

Live-Blog: Doug Moo’s Special Message on Bible Translation (Live Presentation from ETS 2014) | Bible Gateway Blog

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  1. 1 Eric

    Merry Christmas, Jeff – I pray the best of health for you in the coming year! Eric

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Thank you. Same to you.

    I appreciate you reading and commenting.

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