Scripture Memory and Smartphones

If you have a smartphone, now you really have no excuse. I’ve been thinking about possibly memorizing some Scripture again. I wrote about the watch beep method in Scripture Memory: My Story (in two parts with links to other resources). The problem with a watch beep is it’s so easy to get used to the sound and stop hearing it. I firmly believe that when I memorized Scripture for the first few years, God enabled me to hear it every single time. Now with smartphones, we can use an hourly chime app to remind us to look at our current verse. (For a while I did this on my computer, working at home.) The chime can be changed if we get used to it, and there is the option to use vibrate. There are also Scripture memory apps. It’s great how we can use technology for Bible reading plans, reading or listening during downtime (as little as that happens for some people), and memorizing. If you have one, do you use yours in any other ways?

Which means you’ve gotta fight to learn these [verses] and memorize these things and have these verses tumbling around in your fore-frontal lobal brain part. Whatever that is.

–John Piper

2 Responses to “Scripture Memory and Smartphones”

  1. 1 Drewe

    Jeff, Can’t remember who posted it, but there was a great article about 6 months ago about all our translations and revisions being an issue for memorization – as we don’t know what is going on anymore! I still have a lot memorized KJV/NKJV from when I was a teenager – but it is getting harder to keep up sometimes!

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Do you mean because you have those translations memorized, it’s harder because you hear them in other translations?

    I don’t know if this is relevant, but I decided with newer ones that I memorize, I’m free to use whatever translation I would like, whether it goes along with commentaries I’ve read or is easier language to memorize. But I usually use my main translation.

    I review regularly when I drink my one cup of coffee a day.

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