We must be careful what we attribute to God

This is a very interesting part of a prayer from the Valley of Vision. I’m still pondering its meaning. In any case, we need to be careful when we get a feeling inside or a random thought and assume it’s God whispering things that only our corrupt imagination could decipher.

When my mind acts without thee,
it spins nothing but deceit and illusion;


Keep me from the error of thinking
thou dost appear gloriously
when some strange light fills my heart,
as if that were the glorious activity of grace,
but let me see that the truest revelation of thyself
is when thou dost eclipse all my personal glory
and all the honour, pleasure and good of this world.

The Son breaks out in glory
when he shows himself as one
who outshines all creation,
makes men poor in spirit,
and helps them to find their good in him.

Grant that I may distrust myself,
to see my all in thee.

The Valley of Vision, “Love to Jesus”

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2 Responses to “We must be careful what we attribute to God”

  1. 1 Steve Martin

    Outside of Word and sacrament (it’s really one Word)…we just cannot know for sure.

    St. Paul tells us that, “The devil can come all dressed up as an angel of light.”

    Maybe in hindsight, but in the moment? I don’t think so.


  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    “Maybe in hindsight, but in the moment? I don’t think so.”

    I like that.

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