I’m far from acedemic

In case you haven’t noticed. I’m also not a teacher and really don’t have any authority. This quote would apply to me also: 

I’m a guy who reads too much on a narrow range of subjects that I scarcely understand who spouts whatever no doubt incorrect opinion occurs to him.  No academics here, I promise you!

–Rick Sumner, The Dilettante Exegete – he’s half joking, and there’s a big inside joke regarding that term

I know a thing or two about chronic suffering and how not to treat people who are, plus I have a whole lot of pet peeves to write about. Otherwise, I just write about things I’m learning, and point out resources I’ve found that I think are interesting, so of course you should be interested in them too. Notice I didn’t use the word ‘share’–one of my pet peeves. I thought I’d point that out to any readers who might be new. I really appreciate the people who read this blog, whether you read it regularly, just what catches your eye on Twitter, Facebook, E-mail or your RSS feed, or have arrived from some sort of search or link. I still struggle with why I write it and whether it’s worth the time spent.

Just so this post isn’t totally devoid of value, I’ll leave you with one of the random quotes I like to collect:

There is not a single verse or passage in Scripture, whether in a narrative account or in prescriptive or descriptive texts, regarding the use of a “Sinner’s Prayer” in evangelism. Not one.

–Tony Miano

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