Big(ger) Change on the Blog and Other Off Topic Stuff

The big change is I made is the title, or subject line of each post bigger and with more space above and below it. In Internet Explorer (does anyone still use that?), the text looks huge. But it probably did before too. On Chrome the title didn’t look different in size than the other text, on my system anyway–it was just bold and squeezed in. The CSS code was puzzling to me, but I finally figured it out.

I dread the day, which may have already come, when the theme looks outdated. I hope, at least, it’s very readable and well organized. I spent too much time on it to want to change it, even though that was initially about seven years ago.

I’m still on somewhat of a blogging hiatus or slump. I’ve been having some difficulties and low motivation along with it, but I’m confident it will come back again at some point. I’m wondering about another August Experiment, but I have no idea if the mojo will be back by then. I had just gotten started on the Christian Sayings series before the hiatus/slump. I plan on getting that going again.

For those who know him, I heard a tiny whisper that Esteban, who helped me with learning the reconstructed historical Koine Greek pronunciation, as opposed to the barbaric Erasmian phonetic pronunciation rules, which nobody who spoke or speaks Greek ever sounded like in any way (don’t get me started), might be looking at his pen. Esteban keeps teasing us once every six months on Twitter and I really don’t like it. At all. Maybe, just maybe, it will really happen this time, but I’m not going to expect it and get my hopes smashed (worse than dashed) yet again.

And for you grammar geeks, if you haven’t seen it yet, I give you this video, which was presented to me by Stan.

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