Around the Web – July.7.14

Intimate Friendships Among Christians-Housewife Theologian – a counter to the “When Harry Met Sally” syndrome

Gordon Fee: How Should We Read the Bible? | Grace Communion International – One of my favorite videos by any Christian

Systematic Theology (240-Page excerpt) by Dr. John Frame | Monergism

Free D.A. Carson PDF books | The Lighthearted Calvinist

Top Book Recommendations by some really smart guys

The History of Madness – “John Locke notes that there is a degree of madness in almost everyone. Madness is the inability to let reason sort out mad ideas.” I’ve always believed somewhat similarly. Jesus was the only perfectly sane person. He dealt with things during the last few days before the cross in a perfectly sane way.

This post is so good, I almost put it on its own page. I was going to write some things about it, but my own frustrations might creep in. I’ll just let you read it if you’re interested.
Modern Reformation – Faith and Mental Illness by Michael S. Horton

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