Around the Web – May.26.14

Offer Advice Very Carefully | CCEF

The Story of the Puritans | Monergism – eBook

6 Motives to Study The Least Popular Book In The Bible | HeadHeartHand Blog – If you meander through the Bible like I often do, and are deciding what to read, give the least popular book of the Bible a try, with these helps to give you perspective.

Touchstone Archives: The Gospel Truth of Jesus
HT: A New Twist on the Quadrilemma: Lord, Liar, Lunatic, or Legend? | Daniel B. Wallace

All The Prayers Of The Bible (PDF File)

What is an evangelical? – “Until very recently…”

The State of the Bible: 6 Trends for 2014 – Barna Group “More than half of Americans (56%) are ‘pro-Bible’—meaning they believe the Bible is the actual or inspired word of God with no errors.” — Ironically, many Christians believe there are errors. I’m pleasantly surprised by the 56%.

Top 10 Books on Depression | HeadHeartHand Blog

Free yellow flower photo:

Eranthus Flower
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Photo © Jeff at Scripture Zealot

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