Mini-Review: Thinking Rightly of Christ

Book - Thinking Rightly of ChristThinking Rightly of Christ: What Scripture Really Says about Him – And Why It Matters by Bryan Holstrom

Bryan Holstrom is a Ruling Elder at Covenant of Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Batavia, Illinois. He is also the author of Infant Baptism and the Silence of the New Testament. This was given to me by a blogger who attended his congregation. She offered three of his books to a couple of people in exchange for an unbiased review. (I only chose this one.) He is not well known, but he’s someone who is worthy to be read. This is somewhat of a dilemma in the publishing industry right now–sometimes big name authors are contracted to write books because of their name, or there are people with great content that nobody knows about yet, which can be harder to sell. You can read more about that at Jesus Creed.

The purpose of this book is to correct such deficient thinking about Christ, particularly among Christians, and to replace our false conceptions of his person and work with one befitting the Creator of the heaves and the earth, who upholds all things by the word of his power (Heb. 1:2-3). To that end, each of the twenty chapters seeks to expound upon a truth statement drawn directly from Scripture that touches upon the subject at hand.

I learned a lot in just in the first part of the book. The things written about are things that matter. I added subjects to Evernote like Why did John refer to Jesus as ‘The Word’?, the importance of the Trinity, Modalism, his interesting commentary on Footprints in the Sand, The Angel of the Lord, and an explanation of that old word begotten, just to name a few.

He doesn’t write cute or personal stories, but he’s not dry either. His writing is organized well, always Scriptural, and seems to use the right amount of words. As the book goes on, he seems to get a little unnecessarily polemic in my view. But other than that minor point, I got a lot out of this book, which is on one of my favorite subjects. I would highly recommend it for someone who is a Christian and familiar with Scripture, but not necessarily looking for an extremely scholarly tome on the subject of Christology. Any serious layperson is bound to learn from and enjoy it.

Paperback (Only): 308 pages
Publisher: Ambassador-Emerald International (June 24, 2010)

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