Christian Sayings – Ongoing Series

I’m finally starting what I’ve been hinting at for such a long time. Where to begin? Christian sayings, clichés, platitudes, evangelicalisms. This is a start of a series of them. I have made a new category at the right, in case the posts become numerous enough to warrant it.

I’m not giving any away yet. Most are not Biblical. Some have some truth. Some are ways of saying [a] truth, but there aren’t many of those. Some are just annoying little things. I came across a pretty common blog post out there about “What are the most annoying things Christians say?” and I was able to add so many to the original post just off the top of my head that I thought maybe I’d do a series of posts of my own. But this won’t be just listing and making fun of them. Many of us have said them and didn’t realize what we were saying. Many who say them are new Christians and might not be edified by being made fun of. But… well, it just has to be done. So I will offer a post and some videos that do poke fun of some of them; my favorites are below.

I would also like to try to look into why these exist. As far as why human beings in general use sayings, I suppose it’s easier than trying to put things in your own words. It’s also a common way to use kind of a shorthand vocabulary, if the person hearing it understands (see below). With Christians, it can be because of Biblical illiteracy.

I need to explain a little about myself: As far as secular clichés–I’m terrible with them. I still don’t know a lot of them. Sometimes someone will say one that I’ve never heard, even now at 49 years old, I hear one, and I keep asking, “What?” If my wife is with me, she’ll half whisper, “He doesn’t know what that means.” I’m a literal thinker, and not touching something with a ten foot pole (or is it nine yards?) is just weird. Why would you have a ten foot pole, and if you did, why would you not touch something with it? Some of them actually do make sense and are a good way of describing something. Many have interesting origins.

I’m more familiar with Christian sayings, but since the Navigators got me going with Scripture memory and Bible reading early on in college, I always try to say things the way the Bible would, or quote the Bible. But since I don’t like a lot of the Biblish used in English translations, I try to paraphrase a thought or teaching in my own words, as long as I’m confident that I’m doing a good job of it. To me, saying things in our own words shows that we’re thinking on our own. What we’re saying is genuine and meaningful. I never liked following the crowd. We should be conforming to Christ, not each other.

I hope these posts become helpful and that we can use them to think about what we say, how these sayings shape our view of God and how He deals with us, and how we can sharpen each other in developing our theology.

With that in mind, to start off, here are my favorite sources of Christian sayings, or things Christians say, or whatever. The last two are interesting to me because many of the things she says are outside of my vernacular. Many of the things said in the videos are just shorthand, and not necessarily clichés or sayings that I’ll be writing about. So before we think too hard, let’s look at some of the fun stuff.

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