Around the Web – April.9.14

This is a long one, so I’ll make it even longer. Many people post these lists every or every-other day. I used to read a lot more blogs and tried to post some noteworthy things before anyone else did. Nowadays, I collect them as I go, and when I have enough, I’ll put up a post. Some of them aren’t anything recent, but just something I came across that I like and think would be helpful and within the subject matter that I usually write about. The J. C. Ryle link would be an example of that, although many of these are a day or two old.

I have more of my own commentary on some of these today. Please only read the ones you’re interested in and don’t spend too much time reading everything.

Baker Book House Church Connection | Coming Soon – “Ordinary” by Michael Horton
A response to “radical” and “crazy” stuff, if you know what I mean. I want to get his current book on Calvin too.

Let's Stop Forgiving Those Who Don't Want Forgiveness | HeadHeartHand Blog
I once read John Stott say that we should only forgive those who ask for forgiveness, otherwise it doesn’t make any sense. At first I was kind of taken aback, because the Bible so often talks about how we are to forgive others. But it made more sense over time. I’m not beyond the point of being open to other opinions, but I think this article explains that position very well. Like the writer of the article, I’m also rather annoyed when a group of people publicly forgives a mass murderer soon after they did something horrible, when they don’t have anything to do with what happened, and there was no forgiveness asked for.

Ten Lessons from a Hospital Bed | Desiring God
This is unique and not full of unrealistically positive ideals. I had an experience in the hospital that was the worst time in my life and I can relate to things that are said.

9 Lessons God Teaches Us Concerning Sickness by J. C. Ryle | Monergism
As for #3, I can assure you he’s not referring to reincarnation.

What about Life Insurance? – Eternal Perspective Ministries

2014 National Conference — Questions and Answers | Ligonier Ministries Blog
I love question and answer sessions by a panel (paneling?). Reformed Alert

Words for the Anxious Soul | Mere Orthodoxy
One of the best shorter treatments of this subject that I’ve seen.

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