Around the Web – Jan.28.13

A Biblical Understanding of Depression and Anxiety | Gospel Obsessed

John MacArthur: The Infographic | Challies Dot Com

Keeping it Real – Reformation21 Blog – at the risk of sounding arrogant–I’ve never fallen for swearing and willfully expressing sinful anger as ‘just being real’, though I like to be myself all the time and not put on a face; I know God can handle it, but He also calls us to be holy

"I'm thinking of going to the doctor for depression meds" | HeadHeartHand Blog – I think this is good advice from my own experience

Hearing the God of Job | First Thoughts – two quotes below if you don’t have time to read the post

Worship is to be a reality check which re-calibrates our minds so that we might live as aliens in a foreign land. Too often, however, it merely apes the tastes of the world outside.

Evangelicalism as a business does not place a very high premium on the kind of things for which David [book author] longs and which he believes are possible if we are intentional in pursuing them: Finely-tooled theology rooted in historic confessions; sober-minded worship; thoughtful pastoral care; and deep commitment to the church as church. How could it? These things are a minority interest and could never attract the capital necessary to sustain the big Evangelical industry over even a short period of time.

About that little voice in your heart… – Reformation21 Blog – this book that he’s quoting from is a book I read and will be drawing upon for my upcoming posts on Things Christians Say, or whatever I decide to call it

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