Meditating on the Glory of Christ Must Be Rooted In Scripture

I hope people are still benefiting from the quotes by John Owen. I plan on posting more from The Glory of Christ and other books I plan on reading, since many people find his writing difficult.

It’s easy for us to say, “Since God is love”, which is Scriptural, “then He would certainly…” which may not be Scriptural. We need to make sure we don’t make jumps from one theological idea to another, without it all being within the theological framework of the Bible. We need to meditate (more, for most of us), but we need to worship and meditate in spirit and in truth.

The glory that the Lord Jesus Christ is in the real actual possession of in heaven can be no otherwise seen or apprehended in this world, but in the light of faith fixing itself on divine revelation. To behold this glory of Christ is not an act of fancy or imagination. It does not consist in framing unto ourselves the shape of a glorious person in heaven. But the steady exercise of faith on the revelation and description made of this glory of Christ in the Scripture, is the ground, rule, and measure, of all divine meditations thereon.

–John Owen, The Glory of Christ

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  1. 1 Scott Modrall

    Your quotes and comments from Owen’s The Glory of Christ keep me wanting to read the book myself. It is on my “must read list”, but I have others that are higher on the list. Oh I wish I could read faster!
    I am about half way through Christopher Wright’s The Mission of God and enjoying it a lot. I tentatively plan to read Beale’s A Biblical Theology of the New Testament. Then perhaps Storms on Kingdom Come. My aim for 2014 is to concentrate on reading that gives me “the big picture” of the sweep of scripture and the purposes of God. Do you have any suggestions along these lines? I eventually want to develop a course of teaching to lay this “big picture” out for leaders, pastors here in southern Africa.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    As you probably know, there are some modern revisions and abridgments of Owen’s books. I don’t like the idea in general, but I did get the Communion with the Father… (forgot the name) and Temptation books that are modified, which I’ll be reading and quoting from in the future. I’m not sure about one of The Glory of Christ, but I don’t think it’s really that difficult.

    I too wish I could read more. My concentration has been bad lately, and I need so much sleep. I’m praying that it will improve. And I’ll continue monitoring my time on the internet well.

    I’m not good with big picture books (sounds like a children’s book), but I have The God Who Is There by Carson that you may want to look at, from a “God” point of view. I haven’t read much of it yet. I just saw one reviewed but can’t remember it. I’ll reply if I find it.

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