God Speaking in Prayer – Part 2 of 2

The original post is here: God Speaking To Me In Prayer – Part 1

I almost forgot about posting the other part. I wrote, “Often when I’m in the praise phase of my praying, God brings to light something new to praise him for. He’s been doing this almost once a week for a very long time now.” What I’m realizing is that when I’m praying, especially praising, I’m also meditating at the same time. I’m “talking to myself” about who God is and dwelling on what I’m praising him for. I’m also seeking new (although nothing is really new) things to praise God for. They are often things I’ve already though of in the past that God is bringing up again, or things in Scripture that are brought to mind (John 14:26). When God speaks, it’s usually about himself, and it’s always found in Scripture. (Future post material) If it’s sketchy, I will look it up to make sure. I’m a little unsure about the title of this post, but I’m stuck with it. It could be “Meditating With God”. I don’t want to make it sound like inspired revelations that could stand on their own. I didn’t take the time to put Scripture with them.

These are quick, unedited things I’ve tried to write in Evernote. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten to write down as many as have been written. Some of it can’t be expressed well in words, and some don’t make complete sense now.

  • Having to listen to a psychologist [I don’t remember what this means, but ‘listening to “advice”‘ could be substituted]–Jesus had to put up with much worse than this, being God and having to listen to people who think they know what they don’t.
  • Meditated on God lavishing everything on us. The cross, material things, our inheritance, what the Holy Spirit does etc,
  • Reading in the OT about all the things that had to be done to atone for sins and all of the stipulations of the law regarding it, and God did all of that for us in Christ. Everything.
  • Me (who never got in trouble) getting in trouble in elementary school by “giving a girl a bloody nose”, or so it seemed to others. I was sent to the disciplinarian, thinking this would never happen to me. My teacher gave me the dirtiest look I have ever seen. She looked like she wanted to torture me to death.

    That’s just one incident of one “sin”. Jesus took on the sin of all who would be saved and the wrath of God for those sins. I can’t begin to imagine that.

    And just from my own perspective–I’m not a good person and I’m bad enough that Jesus needed to suffer for me. That alone is a huge sacrifice.

  • 1 Timothy 6:19
    By doing this they store up a treasure for themselves => eternal
    that is a good foundation for the future, => future this life
    so that they can keep their hold on the life that is real. => now and ongoing
  • Instead of thinking about how another person feels about what I say, think about what God thinks about what I would say. [I forgot about this one!]
  • If you were a ‘respecter of persons’ and idolized an athlete or famous person or older person that you were completely in awe of, but didn’t know, imagine them wanting to hang out with you and listen to you, help you out, comfort you, give their life for you and give you all that they have. That’s God, and more.
  • Running a race is painful. Runners enjoy it. It’s long and arduous.
  • When we do good, we can’t claim it for ourselves (Acts 3:26). Everything good comes from God (James 1:17). God gets all of the glory (1 Peter 4:11), not some of it. When we do bad, or do nothing (James 4:17), we can claim that for ourselves. It’s our sinful nature working in us (James 1:14). When we do something good, or have an ability that we develop, it’s God who compels us to act (Phil 2:13) and gives us the ability (1 Corinthians 4:7). The only thing we can boast about is that we know the Lord, but even that is because He delighted in us first (Jeremiah 9:24).

Regarding that last one, in Calvin’s Institutes, he writes about how God will then also give us credit for the things that he originally did for us or enabled us to do. Grace upon grace?

Also listen to:
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