Around the Web: Mark Driscoll Edition

Some voices aren’t being heard very well. I’d like to point out the ones that should be. There is a very dangerous trend–or maybe it has been the norm and isn’t surfacing until now–going on in evangelicalism where things like plagiarism has become common, for one reason or another. Then there is the issue of ghost writing. Some think they are above the law or it’s OK because it’s the norm in the industry, which is a problem. Many times the larger entity will threaten the criticizer.

There is something similar going on in the supplement industry, mainly supplements for strength athletes. Bloggers and Youtoubers who are writing and speaking critically of supplements and the industry itself are being strongarmed by supplement companies. There are even allegations where a supplement company will send a supplement to a Youtuber for a review, and if it’s negative, they will threaten them in some way or another. Fortunately this isn’t happening in the Christian publishing industry, and I can’t imagine it ever happening at any point. (What would us bloggers do without our free books?) It’s a long story, but the vast majority of supplements marketed to help with weight training do absolutely nothing. When they are called on it, some get very upset.

Here are some of the relevant links. Although this blog isn’t a “discernment blog” where I look for others to criticize, this is very dangerous and dark, and shouldn’t be allowed to happen. It needs to be brought into the light, and there needs to be enough awareness and backlash so that eventually it will be seen as the sin that it is.

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