God Speaking In Prayer – Part 1

Don’t worry, I’m not imagining that God is telling me what socks to wear.

Often when I’m in the praise phase of my praying, God brings to light something new to praise him for. He’s been doing this almost once a week for a very long time now. These are always things that can be found or confirmed in Scripture. While I have a sort of mental list of things I pray for, I always sort of meditate as I’m praying, and let prayers evolve over time. I use the ATCS model. (Many use ACTS, but I just can’t seem to be like everyone else.) Adoration (Praise for who the triune God is), Thanksgiving (for what God has done), Confession, and Supplication (asking for stuff, mainly spiritual though). Sometimes I think it may be best to do confession first, which I may try.

These are quick, unedited things I’ve tried to write in Evernote. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten to write down as many as have been written.

  • Saw a song book of my wife’s named “Light” just when I was praising God for sending his Son into the world. I hadn’t thought about Christ being the “light of the world” in a while.
  • We have what Job badly wanted–a mediator
  • We receive benefits of the different aspects of the Trinity, as if they were made for us
  • If you don’t believe that God has you where He wants you, and that He owns you and can do whatever He wants with you, then it’s very difficult to trust Him when something worse comes along.
  • We are part of the Israelite lineage because of being grafted in
  • Christ with the Father for eternity (past), and then has broken fellowship on the cross
  • Reading the Bible chronologically and getting to Luke and feeling like getting to the top of a mountain similar to Hebrews reaching Canaan?
  • God our Father is like someone we most respect in the world becoming our Father x (times) infinity
  • The OT gives us a shadow of the temple. When I look at my shadow, it’s just an outline. That’s hardly anything. The level of detail we see in the OT is very fine–and that’s just a shadow. How much more is where he really is. And we will inhabit that place someday. As we are now, it would be too overwhelming.
  • The joy Jesus must have felt when he was raised from the dead
  • It’s amazing how much God has given us. While praising God He helped me realize another level of how much He’s given us in our inheritance–The Kingdom itself, heaven with a place for us there, triumph and judgment of evil at the end, the fruits of the Spirit, knowledge, strength, and on and on. This is in addition to Christ and the cross, which is praised for all of the time and has also been increasing in awareness and ramifications.

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