Be a Zealous Christian!

Here is an article (below) that goes perfectly with this blog, for obvious reasons. The article is from the perspective of the Puritans. Little did I know when I first created it who the Puritans are–possibly being one of the most misunderstood people groups–and how much I would come to like them. I’ve also always liked the terms pious, and religious/religion (even used in book titles like Institutes of the Christian Religion–yes, Christianity is a religion and Christians are religious people, as Jesus was when here on earth), very often mentioned by the Puritans, which have practically become dirty words. Also, the beloved concept of the fear of the Lord, which often seems to need to be qualified. We don’t hear the term God fearing people much anymore.

We know God and hear from God through Scripture, and in learning of His love for us, grow to love Him more, and want to please and be obedient to Him. This becomes an ever growing cycle, and there have been times when I almost can’t stand it.

Enough of my curmudgeonly rant. If you have time to read it, I hope you enjoy the article and find it informative, as I did.

Be a Zealous Christian! | Challies Dot Com

Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.
Romans 12:11

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