For Those Who Couldn’t Comment; More Books?

It was brought to my attention that those who are behind a proxy server couldn’t comment. For those interested, there is a WordPress plugin called WP-SpamFree that helps cut down the spam more than Askimet and it has a checkbox like this:

__Allow users behind proxy servers to comment?
Most users should leave this unchecked. Many human spammers hide behind proxies.

But I’ve occasionally had people who couldn’t comment, and now I know why. So I’m going to see how it goes. A while ago I was getting a ton of spam and this plugin helped cut it down to nothing.

If you’ve had problems and would like to test it, please do.

Here is a bonus quote:

There is no end of books, and yet we seem to need more every day. There was such a darkness brought in by the fall, as will not thoroughly be dispelled till we come to heaven; where the sun shineth without either cold or night. For the present, all should contribute their help according to the rate and measure of their abilities. Some hold up a candle, others a torch; but all are useful. The press is an excellent means to scatter knowledge, were it not so often abused.

All complain there is enough written, and think that now there should be a stop. Indeed, it were well if in this scribbling age there were some restraint. Useless pamphlets are grown almost as great a mischief as the erroneous and profane.

Yet tis not good to shut the door upon industry and diligence. There is yet room left to discover more, above all that hath been said, of the wisdom of God and the riches of his grace in the gospel; yea, more of the stratagems of Satan and the deceitfulness of man’s heart. Means need to be increased every day to weaken sin and strengthen trust, and quicken us to holiness.

Fundamentals are the same in all ages, but the constant necessities of the church and private Christians, will continually enforce a further explication. As the arts and slights [expertise] of besieging and battering increase, so doth skill in fortification. If we have no other benefit by the multitude of books that are written, we shall have this benefit: an opportunity to observe the various workings of the same Spirit about the same truths, and indeed the speculation is neither idle nor unfruitful.

–Cited from Thomas Manton’s letter to the reader in The Works of Richard Sibbes, 3:3.

HT: Joel Beeke

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  1. 1 drewe

    There is no end of Spam, and yet we seem to get more every day……


  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Is that from Proverbs 32?

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