Quotes About Jesus in the Old Testament – Pt 2 of Many

Most Christians delight in reading and rereading the record of Jesus contained in the four Gospels. These four short books reveal so much about our precious Savior. But what would you say if I told you that knew of some bonus material about Him? What if I told you there were other books—books that most people know very little about? No, I’m not talking about some newly discovered Gnostic gospels. In fact, the books I’m talking about were written hundreds of years before a star appeared in the east.

You won’t be surprised to learn that I’m talking about the Old Testament. Yes, the Son of God was present and active on earth long before His birth in Bethlehem. This was probably my most exciting discovery when I started looking for Jesus in the Old Testament. Numerous writers, including Jonathan Edwards and Jonathan Stephens, opened my eyes to see the amount of bonus material that I had completely overlooked till then.

–David Murray, Jesus On Every Page (Advance Copy)

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