Quotes About Jesus in the Old Testament – Pt 1 of Many

I have read three very good books that pertain to Jesus in the Old Testament. Since this isn’t a topic that’s mentioned a lot, I thought I’d post some quotes from these books that I think are helpful. This first book is a very short and inexpensive. If you want to read something that’s less than 40 pages as a primer, this one is great.

These inevitably also show us why it’s important to read and at least have a basic understanding of the Old Testament.

Notice, however, that the writer to the Hebrews grounds his message about the obsoleteness of the Old Testament in the Old Testament itself! He quotes the Old Testament repeatedly to help his readers to understand the glorious greatness of the new covenant in Christ. In other words, to understand the climactic message of the New Testament properly, you first need to understand the preparatory message of the Old Testament. Only then will you be ready to understand the mission of the Christ whom God has sent. This is why many missionaries who translate the Bible into other languages do not start with the New Testament, but rather with Old Testament texts such as Genesis 17and Psalms. Without those foundational passages and their teaching about who God is and how he related to Abraham and his descendants, it is hard for people to grasp the message that this God has now taken flesh and dwelt among us in the person of Jesus Christ.

–Iain Duguid, Is Jesus in the Old Testament? (Basics of the Faith)

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