What’s Going On

That’s a statement, not a question.

I hate talking/writing about myself, but I like reading what’s going on with others, and others like reading that type of stuff, so I’ll try it again here. I did that once on Facebook and people said it was good and that they knew how to pray for me. I was taken aback by that, in a good way.

As written before, blogging has been sparse lately, as planned. It’s been longer than expected because lately, pain, fatigue, depression and anxiety have all gotten worse at times. They are all chronic, but they all flare up. Depression has been a little better for quite a while, but it got pretty bad over the weekend. Why, I don’t know, other than some very bad pain after changing some meds around in the lumbar pain pump. I had that adjusted today, and if you would like to pray about that, and about handling all of these conditions, that would be great.

A couple of months ago I finally tried going gluten free. I always resisted the fad. I hate it when someone is gluten intolerant or has full blown Celiac disease and then thinks half the population is just like them and should go gluten free. But with my symptoms, it would be silly not to try it. I think it’s a step or two life upgrade. Although this last week has me wondering. In any case, it has caused me to eat better than I ever have. Soon, I will eat food with gluten and see what happens. That will be the real test. Sometimes I wonder why God lets things go on so long, or doesn’t ‘let us know’ about something. Like I just discovered that if I put a much thicker pillow between my knees for the part of the night that I lie on my side(s), my morning pain isn’t quite as bad. I also wonder why God didn’t get me reading the Bible and saving me until I was 19 years old. Just imagine if I was catechized in the Reformed tradition as a kid? I could boast about all the knowledge I had. Which could be one reason why. Not that we can figure Him out.

I really got enthusiastic about Greek earlier this year. Like I wanted to conquer it. Beggining level anyway. I’ve been using the workbook counterpart to Black’s grammar because just going through the book and its exercises wasn’t enough. I committed to learning beginning Greek, and even though it’s been 3 1/2 years, I think I will have gotten through it well enough to say I’ve really gotten through it. I’m on chapter 20 now and should be ‘done’ by November. Now I really miss memorizing Scripture and having more time to read. But I don’t want to stop Greek altogether. So I don’t know what I’ll do. After finishing the workbook (and I’ve gone through Black’s book three times, 2/3 of Dobson’s, part of Croy’s, an online ‘conversational’ course, and a smattering of Mounce) I’d like to just read the Greek using Mounces’ Interlinear and maybe look into some online communities. Then I’ll either keep reading Greek, or just use it for study. I’m very conflicted right now. Because of chronic fatigue, I have to sleep so much that I don’t have as much time to read as I would like. Lately I’ve been falling asleep an hour earlier than normal too, which is part of the time I read.

I really want to blog more, but I’ve been wasting/spending time looking into health and exercise stuff, even though I can’t do much of the latter, and it seems like I’m always researching stuff. We ‘cut the cable’ (Dish actually), and there was a lot of research that went into that, going with TiVo, and a tablet to use as portable TV in three other rooms. It’s been working better than expected and will save about $800 a year, not including the startup costs.

I’m still planning on doing a big series on Christian sayings/cliches/platitudes. I won’t just be listing them and making fun of them–in addition to that I’ll be trying to be positive and write about alternatives, why many of those are used, and whatever else I come up with. I have a large notebook in Evernote that is ever-increasing in information on that. It’s a humorous but also very sad situation.

John Owen is now my BFF–I love reading him, and God is using that in a great way–along with contemporaries (in time, not association) Carl Trueman (that’s me looking in your living room window–nice bunny slippers BTW) and Michael Horton. Since some have trouble with Owen, I’d like to post some quotes soon.

I may also start an off-topic day, which would obliquely be on-topic, and I want to do a post on spending less time on the Internet, since it’s something I’ve been working on so much myself. Don’t worry about me telling you that spending time online is ruining your brain though. No commitments on those though, only the Christian sayings stuff.

I also want to stress that I’m not a teacher. I don’t have any authority, even if there are a couple of subjects I feel I can write about on my own. I’m mainly posting what I’m learning and using quotes and material from those who do have some authority, and pointing out things I’ve come across that may help others. I obviously have zeal for knowing God through Scripture and want to express that. I try to combine quotes, Scripture, personal opinion and experience all together to hopefully edify others. Someone once asked what “Scripture Zealot’s stance” is on something. I tried to tell them that my name is Jeff, and I was just posting a couple of opposing quotes along with Scripture for your information. I knew I made it when I got my own troll. Carl Trueman has mentioned that some have blogs and try to be an authority when they’re not. Or shoot others down when they don’t know details of a situation. I hope to avoid that.

Thanks for reading all of this. I hope it didn’t cause you to spend less time reading something more important.

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