Book Review: Jesus On Every Page by David Murray

Book Cover - Jesus On Every Page by David Murray Jesus On Every Page by David Murray

The author writes: “Some surveys put the ratio of Old Testament to New Testament sermons at 1 to 10. Some would like it nearer 0 to 10. But might this imbalance in the spiritual diet of most Christians explain many of the spiritual problems in the modern church and in modern Christians? Or as theologian Gleason Archer put it: ‘How can Christian pastors hope to feed their flock on a well-balanced spiritual diet if they completely neglect the books of Holy Scripture on which Jesus and all the New Testament authors received their own spiritual nourishment?’”

In addition to this book being about what the title says, it’s a book about recovering the Old Testament in general. I love the Old Testament and am so glad to read what David Murray has to say. In the first chapter, after the quote above, he offers a litany of reasons as to why we have lost the interest in and importance of the Old Testament. He’s not overly polite in this area, and it’s a needed admonition. At one point I thought he was being a little on the negative side, but then I’m already biased in believing how important the Old Testament is.

That’s just the first chapter. I very much appreciate the first portion of this book which is not just introductory material. In Part I: My Road To Emmaus, he writes about how when he was a younger lad, he reluctantly became a professor of Hebrew and Old Testament in a small Scottish Presbyterian denomination. This started a study of a subject he first dreaded, but quickly began to enjoy.

The way the book is written is as if he’s in a living room speaking with a variety of people. The newer believers will be able to understand him enthusiastically teaching them, and the more knowledgeable Christians will learn a great deal as well. He writes about the Old Testament from the perspective of Jesus, Peter, Paul and John, and how they utilized the Old Testament (a lot!).

In the chapter on Paul, he wrote, “I decided…” when discovering something about how the Old Testament was quoted. This sounded rather strange, as if he was going about this on his own and not using the wisdom of the church universal to confirm his findings. But this was quickly dispelled, as before this and throughout the rest of the book, he provides ample quotes from people like Christopher Wright, Jonathan Edwards, and many more. Murray is an educated learner, being a Professor of Old Testament and Practical Theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, having pastored two churches in Scotland and recently starting a new pastorate. So he is teaching us from his own knowledge gained, but providing additional sources of information, which also provides the reader with a nice bibliography. The references are contained in the oft complained about end notes, including Scripture references.

For those willing to read about this subject, this will be highly valuable in understanding the importance of reading and studying the Old Testament. (Also see: 7 Reasons To Study Your Old Testament)

I wanted to write mainly about the first portion of the book since you will find plenty of reviews about the rest of it. As I was reading the second portion, I found myself not just learning about Jesus in the Old Testament, but also how to read and interpret the Old Testament, which is fantastic. The book has more to offer than just what the title suggests. I highly recommend it.

I received an advanced reader’s copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.

I also read David Murray’s short book Christians Get Depressed Too which was surprisingly good, since I expected it to be too basic. He’s also one of my favorite bloggers and Twitterers.

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  1. 1 Matthew

    Thanks – looks good. I think this topic, of how the NT writers use the OT, is really crucial – and challenges the ways we often use the OT itself.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    It’s a real eye opener for me and I think a lot of others too. This book is great for someone like me. Nice to see you here again.

  3. 3 javajeb

    Thanks for the review Jeff. I’d heard about this several weeks ago, but missed out on it’s release. Sounds like a good resource for the church today.

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