A Film About Healing–And God’s Use of Suffering

Some Christians think that Christians don’t or shouldn’t suffer in unusual ways. Others are afraid of suffering. Sometimes sufferers don’t feel worthy because they are temporarily or permanently disabled and can’t do stuff for others. Often, people see that those who are suffering have been blessed in ways the people see them never thought of and are strengthened by seeing that. Some may even badly want what God has done in them–without the suffering part, please!

I notice that in this ten minute video, they show how their suffering was used greatly. It isn’t a film about how something went wrong and then God healed them and everything kept on as normal. God used their suffering when it was at it’s worst, and then it changed them forever in so many ways as God heals them as uses it for good.

BLESSED | MATTHEW 5:4 | A Film About Healing

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3 Responses to “A Film About Healing–And God’s Use of Suffering”

  1. 1 Pedro4jc

    So many things could be said about this dear couple’s story. It reminds me of how God is leading me in intercession, and that my main emphasis for others is that they would respond correctly to God in the midst of their circumstances. In my own trials I often ask God, “What is the duty of these circumstance which you have put me into?”

    Look at the apostle Paul in prison, and how he dealt with unimaginable hardship. I see him write a letter and sign his name – not ‘the prisoner of Festus’ nor of Caesar; not the victime of the Sanhedrin; but the “prisoner of the Lord.” He saw only the hand of God in it all. To him the prison became a palace. Praise God that Nate & Ruth Reutter found grace to respond to God as they did, as He desired and enabled them to do.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    I love your comment. Paul didn’t pray, “Get me out of here!” But then he knew he had a mission and that the Holy Spirit warned him of prison and hardships. I often wish God would tell us the duty of the circumstances are that we’re stuck in. It’s so often within God’s secret will; or we will find out after they happen. It would be great if everyone interceded for those suffering in the way you described and not only for them to be healed or removed from discomfort–the same way Paul prayed.

  3. 3 Scripture Zealot

    I’ve been thinking about all of this and I now realize what you mean by “What is the duty of these circumstance which you have put me into?”, where Nate and Ruth put their suffering to use for others (duty), as opposed to figuring out what purpose God has for ordaining our suffering as far as our own disciplining–if any, which as like Job, we usually don’t know. Your eloquent language threw me off. So much so that I’m tripping over my own anti-eloquence and not explaining myself well. Very nice insight in any case.

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