We Can’t Open Our Eyes

The Scriptures teem with marvels; the Bible is wonder-land; it not only relates miracles, but it is itself a world of wonders. Yet what are these to closed eyes? And what man can open his own eyes, since he is born blind? God himself must reveal revelation to each heart. Scripture needs opening, but not one half so much as our eyes do; the veil is not on the book, but on our hearts. What perfect precepts, what precious promises, what priceless privileges are neglected by us, because we wander among them like blind men among the beauties of nature, and they are to us as a landscape shrouded in darkness!

The Psalmist had a measure of spiritual perception, or he would never have known that there were wondrous things to be seen, nor would he have prayed, ‘”Open thou mine eyes'”; but what he had seen made him long for a clearer and wider sight. This longing proved the genuineness of what he possessed, for it is a test mark of the true knowledge of God that it causes its possessor to thirst for deeper knowledge.

–Charles Spurgeon

Psalm 119:18
Uncover my eyes so that I may see the miraculous things in your teachings.

We can’t open our eyes. Sometimes we can’t even want to open our eyes. We might have no thirst. Sometimes we’re afraid to open our eyes and see what God might have to say to us. What falls on us is to pray, whatever it’s for, at whatever level, for whatever thing Scripture says that God will give every believer on some level. Then we wait, because we know the thing is in God’s will. Then through Scripture we will find more and more of it.

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It took me a long time to know what waiting on God is. It’s not waiting to get what we want materially. That can end in disappointment and frustration. It’s not really patience. When we wait for something that is definitely His will as revealed in Scripture, we know we’re waiting for something that He will give us, whether it’s knowledge, wisdom, our eyes being opened or whatever else God shows us we should want. Sometimes it’s waiting for something we’re praying for someone else. Sometimes it comes quickly and sometimes it takes decades. Then as we experience God, we want to experience Him more, in His wonder-land.

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