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I have a coffee roasting friend who has a roasting business. We’ve been getting together almost every Friday for about 10 years to drink and evaluate coffee and have true Christian fellowship. He’s a very valuable friend. Us home and smaller to medium sized roasting businesses have access to the best coffee in the world. One person on a co-op that we’re a part of said that we’re basically coffee billionaires. We can drink coffee that’s like a $50 bottle of wine, and we can drink it for 1-3 weeks instead of a few nights, at a fraction of the cost. We can even buy from smaller farms that have great beans and don’t have to worry about having millions of customers to satisfy. He has more high quality beans at any given time that any roaster I’ve seen, and he’ll do anything to keep the customer happy. He does mail order, even outside the US (I think). I could go on, but I better just give you the link:
The Excellent Cup

He also used a photograph of coffee beans of mine for his labels–which brings me to my next announcement: I have a new photography blog called Picture Zealot. In addition to drinking coffee (a little bit anyway), this is a way I enjoy God’s creation. I figured I might as well play off the name of this blog. I’ll let you go there an see if you’re interested, instead of me going on about it. This blog should not change because of it. I’m still in the planning stages for the Christian sayings and platitudes.

Speaking of Christian blogs–A pastor friend of ours now has a blog at Word of Life Christian Church. He’s especially interested in writing about Reformation history, but writes about many other things as well. He also has excellent sermons on Youtube. As good as any I’ve heard. There are so many good preachers out there in addition to the famous ones.

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  1. 1 Pedro4jc

    Thanks for the kind words, Jeff, about the coffee I roast, but especially about our friendship. God has uniquely knit out hearts together, for which I am very grateful.

    Thanks too, for highlighting Pastor Tom’s blogs and sermons, on the church’s website. It’s great to hear a man preach and teach who loves the Lord and His Word as much as Tom does.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    You’re very welcome.

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