Spurgeon on Wesley

Spurgeon on Why You Should Read Wesley on the Christian Life – Justin Taylor

This goes along with another post on this blog:
Stuff On Calvinism | Scripture Zealot blog
which has some links to other things related to being a nice Calvinist.

I’ve not written one bad word about Arminians on this blog. Although I write about many things from a Reformed point of view, this blog isn’t about apologetics for the Reformed faith. When people come here hating on Calvinism, they are way out of line. Arminianism is probably the closest thing there is to Calvinism, as far as I know. When it comes to prosperity preachers or other false teachers, I will write some negative things about them once or twice a year, and often regret it. Not because I went too far, but because I just don’t like dealing with the backlash, and that’s not what this blog is about.

I will write about things critical of evangelicalism, of which I’m a part of. I’m writing this as sort of a preamble for a series I’ll be writing on things Christians say that aren’t Biblical or don’t make any sense. But mainly I found the article linked to at the top of the post and it reminded me of other links I have found that are similar. So I guess I kind of went off track there. Sorry. I think something sparkly caught my attention.

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2 Responses to “Spurgeon on Wesley”

  1. 1 TC

    You mean Calvinists can actually be nice people?

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Why yes, yes, they can.

    You made me smile. Being the (self proclaimed) world’s worst Calvinist yourself, and proof they can be nice.

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