A Word From Our Sponsor

During this lull in blogging I would like to make my semi-annual plea to support your favorite blogger. I won’t start out by writing, “Friend”, even though I probably don’t know you, or talk about how this ministry is in a crisis until ‘we’ meet our goal that we set too high. (That’s my attempt at humor if you didn’t catch that.)

I want to thank everyone who has bought items through Amazon or clicked on the other affiliate links in the right column. I appreciate it even if someone just buys a 99 cent Kindle book because I know you’re thinking of me.

If you’d like to support this blog or another, buying through any affiliate links is very helpful. There is no extra cost to you. Just click on a link for the store and it will know someone came from this site. And remember, Amazon sells just about everything that’s made in the universe. I often forget to look there or on eBay for good deals on any number of things. eBay and half.com are also good for certain books.

A little while ago I wrote about the New Westminster Books Web Site. I like to look at their bestsellers and recommendations. They also have a lot of sample chapters of books.

Now Monergism Books has added the ability to search Amazon books and Kindle books in addition to their own site. Aside from books, I also often go to Monergism whenever I’m looking for any kind of information on Reformed theology.

Joel Watts has a list of bibliobloggers who have Amazon Affiliate accounts.

Thank you again for your support.

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