Around the Web: Dealing With Depression

I’m saving the best (below) for last. It was originally written in 2009 so you may have seen it. It’s written from a Christian perspective (of course) and may be of more benefit for those who aren’t depressed. It’s rather cathartic in a way for those who do deal with depression and comforting to see that others go through exactly the same things. David Murray (see below) says, “This is one of the best short articles on depression I’ve ever read.”

HT: David Murray who wrote Christians Get Depressed Too (and the third link above)

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  1. 1 Craig Benno

    Hi Jeff. I suffer periodic depression and anxiety which has its roots in post traumatic stress. There are times when the black blanket of darkness just wraps itself around the very essence of my soul and leaves me exhausted.

    Forcing myself to do the most basic of tasks can by a huge struggle at times and in my case, its often hard to differentiate the chronic fatigue coming from depression or is still part of the illness I have been recovering from.

    Last night I went to a healing service (as part of a college subject requirement) and I was prayed for.(This wasn’t a college requirement)I was impressed while being anointed with oil by one of the elders and was told, “Craig, allow me to believe for you!”

    How freeing and comforting I found those words to be.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Thanks for writing about it. I can understand it. I think the depression part of my main four conditions may be the least bothersome lately, even if it is at the core, aside from the back pain stuff. But when I get in it, it’s like you say. The physical anxiety (for lack of a better term) is what’s the worst for me.

    It’s great to have people trust for you. Joni Eareckson (sp?) Tada wrote about a story where somebody wanted to pray for her and she needed to have faith. She reminded him that the person lowered from the roof of a house to have Jesus heal him had friends who had faith for him. So she told the guy, you need to have faith. Here is the story:
    Suffering and the right to be healed | Scripture Zealot blog

    Since I’ve lived with this stuff for decades, except for the back pain, it’s hard to have faith for any significant healing. And like you say, when you’re in the depths, it’s hard also. But all we need is a tiny bit, and we can rely on the people praying for us. They also need to know to not just pray for our physical/emotional healing, but all of the other stuff that we know is in God’s will for everyone.

    Thanks again for commenting.

  3. 3 Scripture Zealot

    Now I see you commented twice on that post.

  4. 4 Craig Benno

    Hi Jeff, I don’t know what happened with the two comments. It must have been a glitch.

  5. 5 Scripture Zealot

    You commented twice at the link I posted:

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