Mortification of Sin Podcast

I don’t remember ever listening to a whole podcast ever. But I listened to these first two new podcasts by my favorite guy out there, Carl Trueman and his podcast comrade Todd Pruitt. They mix some of Trueman’s humor with some very serious, and a little bit of not so serious issues with a backdrop of Reformed theology–just to warn the haters–and speak about important current cultural topics and events. Truman’s knowledge of history, being a professor, is always used pastorally (he’s one of those too) to benefit listeners and readers of his material. Although there is only one approximately 20 minute podcast every two weeks, I hope that this will be an amount that they will be able to sustain for a long time, even if it seems a paucity for “fans”. The content of the first two podcasts are all things I’m so interested in that I’m afraid it’s going to be all downhill from here.

Rock Star Pastors in Las Vegas | Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals – see the others in the right column–only one as of this writing

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~Jeff, opponent of overly happy people everywhere

P.S. here is a great song I learned of from the beginning of one of them:

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