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This post is to give people ideas for good books as opposed to finding out which books are “the best”. This isn’t a list of all the posts I found, but those that I think are interesting and helpful.

5 Books Every Christian Should Read | Tim Brister

The 12 Best-selling MacArthur works | the Cripplegate

Top Book Recommendations from Crossway Staff | Crossway – I think this is a good looking list so I thought I’d pass it on for you to look at if you haven’t seen it

TGC Staff Cite Best Books from 2012 | The Gospel Coalition Blog

The 2013 Book Awards | Christianity Today
Hat tip: Around the Web « Baker Book House Church Connection

Make Mine a Double! | Reformation21 Blog – this article is too good and too humorous not to mention, and it’s about two good books (according to him) so I will slip it in here

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