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Most of this has to do with–Be Nice! The other theme is myths about Calvinism. I’d prefer to say I’m Reformed, although Calvinism is a subset that I suppose I adhere more closely to.

On being nice: I don’t even want to hear about those who aren’t and who feel that heaven will be filled with Calvinists or all seminary professors should be Calvinists etc. It makes me mad, but I suppose I can’t ignore that they are out there.

As far as the myths, like putting God in a box–I don’t even know what that means–since Calvinists embrace mystery, and many people who aren’t try to use human logic to tie up the loose ends. As far as I’m concerned, that’s “putting God in a box.” That’s probably as far as I’ll go as far as speaking negatively about non-Calvinists, not including certain individuals who many feel are leading people astray. Which I probably won’t be doing any more of. No promises though.

My main objective is to know and love God, and my beliefs happen to line up with Calvinism for the most part. There are people who regularly go after Calvinists and the sad thing is, they’re either going after a minority of people or even people who don’t exist! So let’s be nice, unless someone is leading people astray.

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  1. 1 Eric

    Hi Jeff – since I’ve been reading your blog, you’ve helped restore my faith in Calvinists with your kindness and fair-mindedness. Heck, I have a lot of Reformed beliefs myself, but just haven’t been able to wrap my mind around the doctrine of election. I’m not saying it isn’t true, but if I dwelled on it too much I don’t think I’d be very excited about God. But I recognize that I’m limited by my fallen, 21st century, post-modern mind.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    Hi. That warms my heart. I can understand the election thing. I heard someone say during a conference that was online that it’s like a family secret. It doesn’t necessarily matter to those who aren’t saved, but to us it may speak to the extent of God’s sovereignty. I know Spurgeon has done sermons on that, but I’m not sure if it was mainly for those who already believe.

    We’re all compromised by this culture we live in. Glad you’re reading and commenting.

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