Paul’s Prayers

Prayer is one of my favorite subjects to read about. I just learned of a book by A. W. Pink called Gleanings from Paul. Quite a while ago I compared my prayers to Paul’s and it transformed the way I pray.

In 2009 I read A Call to Spiritual Reformation, Priorities from Paul and His Prayers by D.A. Carson, which helped me further. I wrote a blog post about that and included all of Paul’s prayers. Reading through those is extremely educational.

After learning about Pink’s book I searched for a free eBook version of it and found one at Providence Baptist Ministries. Barnes and Noble also has a Nook Book (ePub I believe) for 99 cents right now. The paper version is there and can be found at Amazon with good reviews.

I haven’t read it, but look forward to it. Let us know if you have and would like to tell us about it.

There is certainly no lack of training in the Bible to teach us how to pray. We have the oft neglected Psalms, Jesus’ explicit teaching, Paul’s prolific examples and all of the other prayers in Scripture. We also have books from gifted teachers written recently and long ago.

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