One of the most prominent themes in the Psalms is lament.

–Allen P. Ross, A Commentary on The Psalms, pg. 111

One of the most common themes in many contemporary worship gatherings is–HAPPY.

Eugene Peterson thus comments that the Psalms are where Christians have always learned to pray–till our age!

–John Goldingay, Psalms 1-41, pg. 22

The church is missing one of its richest experiences if it ignores the Book of Psalms or relegates it to a routine reading in a service without any explanation.

–Allen P. Ross, A Commentary on The Psalms, pg. 29

But here the prophets themselves, seeing they are exhibited to us as speaking to God, and laying open all their inmost thoughts and affections, call, or rather draw, each of us to the examination of himself in particular, in order that none of the many infirmities to which we are subject, and of the many vices with which we abound, may remain concealed. It is certainly a rare and singular advantage, when all lurking places are discovered, and the heart is brought into the light, purged from that most baneful infection, hypocrisy

–John Calvin, Commentary on the Book Psalms pg. xxxvii

It seems that many would rather be concealed and unrevealed, with their innermost undiscovered, clothed in a mask of contentment.

My attempt at poetry which I’ll leave unexposited.

Look for a review of the commentary by Ross very soon.

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