Such a Tangled Web Has Been Woven

(Aren’t I original?)

I don’t want to read anymore about what’s wrong with evangelicals, labels, who’s pilfering from their ministry, why Arminians don’t get it, vitriolic comments, doctrinal minutiae, what Pat Robertson said, what translation philosophy is best, how the internet is ruining our minds, how social media is ruining our relationships. It fuels my judgmentalism, pride and wastes time. But there is good stuff on the Web including excellent blogs. I’m still trying to figure out how to choose, filter and navigate. Sometimes I just want to read books–which without online reviews I wouldn’t know about or be able to have about a 90% success rate for quality–which are by far the best source of teaching, but I don’t want to miss other good stuff. Sometimes a lot can be learned from some good short articles. I also have some pretty valuable online relationships. I’ve reduced time on the internet, but need to do more. I’ve read good stuff about that from secular sources, but that only brings me so far.

Know what I mean?

5 Responses to “Such a Tangled Web Has Been Woven”

  1. 1 tom

    I know what you mean completely! But technology, the internet etc. are just tools. They work as well as WE use them.

    The internet has led me to some incredibly great Bible Study resources! The internet allows me to pursue my chess hobby with ease.

    I stay away from social media and most news outlets. Once we wrap our heads around the fact that WE control the internet and not the other way around, then life is better and we can use this amazing tool for better work, better enlightenment, better relationships, and even fun!

    Just like cell phones. My ringer is NEVER on unless I am absolutely expecting a CRUCIAL call. The phone doesn’t run my life, I run it.

    So I am very pro technology! It has made a lot of things in my life better.

  2. 2 Scripture Zealot

    That’s a good comment and I agree. I’m just struggling with exactly how I should control it right now.

  3. 3 Alan Mountford

    You cannot go wrong with Matthew Henry’s commentaries. There are on the net. Another one is Calvin’s Institutes of Christian Religion, also on the net. Puritan divines tend to be the best in informing the mind.

    As for the net. This medium is good for information, comparing things, is not exactly truthful in some cases, but by comparing all the relavent sources of informtion one is able to get at the truth. Unfortunately the internet is abused by so many that wish to put across a point of view, rather than what is actual hard facts. This is a problem and cause for much searching of the web, as I say, comparing written material, massing it together, sorting out the wheat from the chaff.

  4. 4 Acidri

    I have found my self reading this post and re-reading it. I think I have been in Jeff’s situation many times. Good to see someone write about it.

  5. 5 Alan

    The internet is but a tool, and what is more, it is a farely good tool for information, though one has to judge what is being said is true, which can only come through extensive searches, or knowledge of the subject. For quick reference purposes the internet is invaluable. The encyclopedic aspec is excellent as well as historical data, though carefully handled as some have private agendas.

    The only down-side, from a Christian stand point, setting aside how some in the world use it, is in the fact that much more can be obtained from books. There is a tendancy for a lot of valuable information to be removed before it gets on to the net, so not giving a true picture.

    Old fashioned books, the older the better, are invaluable, and fascinating. How anyone cannot enjoy the feel, the smell and the literary quality, and the history contained within them, first-hand accounts, amazes me. It probably has something to do with the one eyed monster in the corner of so many houses.

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