Encouraging reason to learn Greek

8. You’ll have to slow down. Reading the New Testament in Greek makes the reader slow down. You have to think about every word, phrase, and sentence. To quote Robertson again, “The Greek compels one to pause over each word long enough for it to fertilize the mind with its rich and fructifying energy” (Robertson, The Minister and His Greek New Testament, 21).

–Channing Crisler, Theses Regarding the Need to Learn Biblical Greek

Since I’m not sure how far past beginning level I’ll be going, I’ll definitely be reading it slow.

See the link for other reasons.

Right now as I’m recovering from surgery, I’m in a lot of pain and taking medication for it. I’m nearing the end of a commentary on Luke, but can’t read it right now because I just can’t concentrate well enough to do it justice. But I must and really want to read the Bible, so I’m taking half chapters at a slow pace. I’m sure I’m missing some things, but at the same time, because I’m taking it so slowly, I’m noticing some details I don’t think I would normally have noticed. So there is something to going very slow–slower than normal slow. Like a forced slowness.

I’m also reading some photography magazines and listening to some interviews of preachers/theologians and roundtable discussions. Good times. (Not exactly)


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